‘Docterz at school,’ aim to safeguarding student’s health

‘Docterz at School’ a brand under the parent platform ‘Docterz’ created by a group of paediatricians is all set to engage schools to promote child healthcare within their premises. Comprehending the fact that, the child spends most of his time in schools, it understands the importance of providing first-rate healthcare to amplify the health of children

‘Docterz at school,’ aim to safeguarding student’s health
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‘Docterz’ aims to create nuance-based health tech solutions that cater to the Indian audience. It captures and addresses queries relevant to the Indian population and makes an effort to bridge the gap between analogue and virtual healthcare consulting, analysing and treatment. It creates health tech-platforms which are practical, related and can effortlessly compliment healthcare providers in their everyday lives.

With a purpose to reach out to children of the 1.2 billion odd population via their health strategy, Dr Atish Laddad, Paediatrician and Founder Member – The Paediatric Network and the Chief Mentor for this program envisions ‘Docterz’ 2000+ network of paediatricians across the country to use their on-field reach along with advance technologies to achieve this goal.

With the advantage of having domain knowledge and through constant research, ‘Docterz at School’ have taken an exceptional approach to take care of physical and mental growth of children.

Dr Atish Laddad
Dr Atish Laddad

The brand intends to set up a critical care unit amongst all the schools across Mumbai. It is a holistic program to ensure that the physical, mental, emotional and psychological health of a child is thoroughly taken care of. Blending offline and online method, it optimises available healthcare resources to work on high risk children.

Emergency medicine is a crucial component of the healthcare system that cannot be ignored. The brand will therefore be offering a ‘state-of-the-art-casualty room’ in each school to efficiently handle a broad range of medical maladies, like unexplained aches and pains to injuries and life-threatening conditions like cardiac arrests and burns.

Furthermore, it will also arm schools with an emergency team that will comprise of Paediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) trained nurse on school campus; they will also be tying up with the nearby paediatric hospitals and paediatric intensivist teams.

To oversee emergency responsiveness, a paediatrician will pay a monthly visit to the school. A proper training will be provided to all on-school staff to aid in times of emergencies. The staff will also ensure a proper check on the expiry of the medicines and a 24/7 helpline number will be given to the schools in case of emergencies.

Docterz at School uses the right infrastructure, documentation and SOPs, designed by a medico-legal team of lawyer’s and doctor’s to maintain high standards of health safety and security, thus making the school medico-legally compliant.

Talking about the initiative, Dr Arish Laddad, Paediatrician and Founder Member,The Paediatric Network says, “A child spends roughly about 7 hours per day in the school premises, thus making them prone to falling trap to sports and playground injuries.”

Laddad said, “As per the statistics, more than 20% of children and adolescents have mental health glitches and the proportion is escalating yearly.”

He added, “Untreated mental health snags lead to poor performance at school, increase in dropout rates, upsurge in school violence, social stigma, suicides and homicides. Comprehending the significance of providing a secure lifestyle to students while at school, this program will ensure that, each school will be armed with efficient child assessment and diagnostic measurements to take care of the student’s innate medical needs.”