Doc to organise a ‘cancer survivor meet’

Cancer can bog down the patients. So, to help the patients overcome it and lead an optimistic life, Dr Avinash Saoji, is the founder and director of Prayas, an NGO based in Amravati, Maharashtra has come forward. Owing to which, a state level ‘Cancer Survivor Meet’ will be organised at Amravati in the last week of March


  • For which, Dr Avinash Saoji visited the Tata Cancer Hospital, V-Care Cancer Foundation, CANKIDS, Indian Cancer Society in Mumbai and met the faculties and discussed about their working.
  • Dr Saoji is taking efforts to organise a state level ‘Cancer Survivor Meet’ in the last week of March.

Speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr Avinash Saoji said, “Still, there is no awareness about cancer in the rural areas. So, this programme will be organised to share the stories of the cancer survivors who battled against cancer.”

He added, “Few months ago, we organised a programme for the doctors who suffered from cancer. Doctors who suffer from cancer twice also participated in it. They overcame it due to their will power.”