Doc files petition for ‘his’ kidney transplantation

When we hear the word court, we think about cases like crime, divorce, domestic violence and so on. But, the Aurangabad bench of the Bombay High Court has got one-of-a-kind case of transplantation

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In a first, the Aurangabad bench of Bombay High Court has got a unique case to decide upon. It’s a case of a 70-year-old, who has filed a petition to acquire a kidney of his slow learner brother as both his kidneys have failed.

Dr Atul Pawar (70), from Hadgaon, Nanded district has filed a petition for a kidney transplant. Both his kidneys have failed for which, he urgently does need a kidney transplant. His brother’s blood group matches his by medical record a potential kidney donor for him. However, he is a slow learner. In order to acquire his kidney, Dr Pawar has filed the petition.

While talking to My Medical Mantra, Dr Pawar’s lawyer, Advocate Prabhakar Joshi said, “Dr Pawar’s treatment has been going on in Kamalnayan Bajaj Hospital. According to their Committee For Organ Transplantation, under Sec 9 (1) of Human Organ and Tissue Transplant Act of 1994, psychologically affected citizens’ organs cannot be donated.

After that Dr Pawar’s family filed a petition at the Aurangabad bench for permission for transplantation.

Dr Pawar’s lawyer Prabhakar Joshi said, “During the previous hearing in the court Justice Ravindra Borde and VB Kankanadi ordered, if the brother who is a slow learner is able to make decisions should be examined by the psychiatrist.”

The hearing on Dr Pawar’s petition will be held on December 18 in the court. According to the information given by the petitioner’s lawyer Prabhakar Joshi, on the given date, the doctors will have to submit the report of the tests in the court, after examining the brother who is a slow learner.”