Things to keep in mind to ensure a safe and incident-free Diwali


We wish all our readers a very Happy Diwali. More importantly, have a safe and incident-free Diwali. To ensure that this Diwali you remain safe, here is a list of things to keep in mind when you are bursting crackers and/or lighting diyas:

• Do not wear nylon/synthetic clothes
• Do not light fire crackers in your hand/close to your or another’s face/body
• Do not stock crackers in your pockets
• Do not light crackers alone
• Light fire crackers in an open space- away from animals, vehicles and buildings
• Accompany children to light the crackers
• Keep a full bucket of water handy
• Maintain safe distance from crackers while igniting them. Pour water to extinguish
• Wear cotton, close fitting clothes
• Hold sparklers/firecrackers away from the body

In case an injury is caused due to a firecracker, keep the following things in mind:
• Do not rub the eyes injured due to firecrackers.
• Don’t wash eyes with tap water, as it increases chances of infection.
• If there is a ringing sensation in ears after bursting firecrackers, go to the doctor
• Pour water on burns till during sensation subsides and go to a doctor immediately.
• Avoid putting ice on the burns, as this can damage the skin.
• Use aloe vera gel as it has a cooling effect and helps in easing off the pain of a superficial burn.
• Keep the burn area covered. Apply a clean, loose dressing on the burn area. Do not tie a cloth very tightly.
• Avoid applying any burn ointment or cream until the skin has been completely cooled down.