Diwali: Fewer birds and animals injured, reveals Mumbai’s animal hospital

In comparison with the last year, this year, owing to the firecrackers, fewer number of birds and animals have suffered injuries, according to the Bai Sakerbai Dinshaw Petit Hospital, Parel


After Diwali celebrations, according to Awaaz Foundation, fewer firecrackers were burnt this year. Along with this, another positive result has also been seen. There have been fewer injuries amongst the birds and animals due to firecrackers, according to Bai Sakerbai Dinshaw Petit Hospital, Parel.

According to Suresh Kadam, assistant secretary, Bai Sakerbai Dinshaw Petit Hospital, Parel, “Compared to the last year, this year, the number of injured birds has gone down to 60 per cent. 15 birds and animals were brought injured to the hospital. This included 8 pigeons, 1 crow, 1 sparrow, 1 owl and 3 swans. Owing to injures, in the last few years, many animals were admitted to the hospital. But this year, the number has gown down.”

Due to the chemicals used in the firecrackers, the birds find it difficult to breathe and it also affects their health. So, Bai Sakerbai Dinshaw Petit Hospital has appealed to take precautions while bursting fire crackers. But still people ignore it which in turn can harm the birds and animals.