DigitalHealth: AI powered diagnosis engines a boon for healthcare

Our country is facing a shortage of doctors. But the new technology is offering solution to this problem now. There are many AI powered on-demand healthcare service which enables virtual medical consultations which are coming up in the country which are offering digital consultations to doctors. 


The mfine, an AI powered on-demand healthcare service which enables virtual medical consultations, was recently launched in Pune. mfine has partnered with ten of the city’s leading hospitals which include Motherhood, Cloudnine, Oyster and Pearl, Shree Hospitals and Sancheti Hospital amongst others.

Such companies are becoming health companion for consumers, enabling them to consult doctors, anytime and from anywhere. To increase accessibility for consumers these companies are signing up with hundreds of hospitals and doctors.

 Such solutions enables users to consult with doctors, virtually and when they need. The consultation covers complete diagnoses and a valid digital prescription. Users can also securely store their health records and track various health parameters for themselves and for the entire family. Doctors are able to get structured inputs on the patient’s history via chat, video, images, documents etc.

On such apps, not only are users consulting for episodic illnesses like viral infections but also for chronic diseases such as diabetes and arthritis. Patients are also consulting for super specialities such as cardiology, orthopedics and fertility. They also provide additional services such as monitoring of vitals, collection of sample for lab tests and medicine delivery at home. Several digital tools are also in the pipeline to help users track chronic conditions, maintain a healthy lifestyle, and aid recovery – depending on user requirements.

 At the core of such apps is its powerful AI-powered diagnosis engine which assists doctors and improves their efficiency & effectiveness dramatically. The AI system helps doctors to collect detailed information from the patients and suggest accurate diagnosis and treatment plans for doctors, enabling them to treat more patients efficiently and effectively. The machine learning algorithms embedded with deep medical protocols help doctors deliver high quality care consistently at large scale.

 “India has one doctor for every 1700 people, and if one considers only post-graduates, this ratio is pretty dismal at one doctor for every 5000 people. Spread of chronic and lifestyle diseases is growing at an alarming pace and much of it will end up in tertiary care if not managed and intervened at appropriate time. In such scenario such soultion might help in delivering services to people,” Abhijeet More, a conveyor of Jan Aarogya Abhiyaan said.

 mfine has clocked more than 100,000 consultations till date. More than 500 doctors and specialists from over 100 top hospitals in the country practice across 20 specialties are on mfine. Collectively they have been able to expand their reach beyond the physical boundaries of the cities and have served over 800 towns and villages in India.

Ashutosh Lawania, cofounder, mfine, said, “Mobile is an inevitable solution for internet services in India as it removes the distance and ease of access barrier. From answering to health queries, providing serious consultations and enabling long term care, Mobile will help reaching the doctor without going to the doctor.”