Digital healthcare is the need of the hour, say healthcare experts

Healthcare sector is significantly changing with technology assimilation. On Wednesday, a session on Digital healthcare was specially addressed at the Conference of Indian Industry (CII)

Digital healthcare is the need of the hour, say healthcare experts

Digitalisation, as we call it today, is sweeping across every aspect of our daily lives in all possible ways. With digital interference in every field, it has become the need of the hour for us, to have it even in the healthcare sector. “Digital health can completely change the way we function. We need visualisers in digital health for strategising,” said Dr Anand Pandhare, medical director of Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar Vaidyakiya Pratishthan, Aurangabad.

Manzoor Ali, the chief executive officer of Tata Digital Health said, “Digital health and telecom need to be interlinked. Telecom came in when mobiles were not even an option.

He further said, “Today, you need Digital Health care for managing your entire life cycle, in a way, that we can manage our health proactively.”

Charu Sehgal, partner and leader of strategy and operations- Consulting Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu India Private Limited informed, “Digital healthcare is driven globally by both demand from the millennial as well as its ability to tackle some of our most complex supply side problems around access, affordability and accuracy.”

The panel discussion was interesting in which the eminent speakers pressed on the need for digital health to manage one’s life cycle and well-being.