Diet tips to maintain your immunity this winter

Winter will soon start and so will start the questions of how to have diet in winter. Our body is lot dependant on the weather outside. Experts say that with season, we all must change our diet

Image source: Google
Image source: Google

Although winter has still not reached our doorstep and we are equal parts enjoying and reeling under the sunny weather. It is well worth nothing that winter is on its way.

As soon as there is a nip in the air, we bring out our woollens to protect us from the cold. While we protect our exterior it is also essential to change our diet in accordance with the season to maintain our inner immunity.

“With the start of winter we all must choose veggies and fruits which are rich in vitamin C. Things like, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, red peppers and citrus fruits, should be added in your meal. Winter is also a time for colds or flue. Things like spinach, legumes are good source of zinc which can help in building good immune system,” said Shaeen Mulani, dietician at Family Welfare Department, Pune.

Neeta Somkunwar, dietician at Aundh Civil Hospital, said, “Red meats, lentils and green leafy vegetables are good source of iron, If one cannot ensure iron intake through food, supplements should be taken. Carbohydrates which are the most important source of energy should also be consumed adequately. Green leafy vegetables, eggs, milk products should be taken in adequate quantity to ensure proper intake of protein.”

Experts also advice that root vegetables like carrots, beetroots, turnips and potatoes are not only nutritious but are also abundantly available in nature during winter and they should be consumed.

Thing like garlic help in keeping the body warm and it also acts as antibacterial. Honey is a good alternative to sugar which also helps to keep the body warm.