Dial 104: To lodge a complaint against absent doctors

In rural areas, many times, doctors are absent on duty in primary health centres, and sub-district hospitals. If there is an emergency, the patients suffer a lot due to the lack of timely treatment. Due to which, 104, a toll-free number has been started by the state health department. If the medical officer is not present on duty, the relatives of the patient can lodge complaints on the number 104 of Health Advice Contact Centre

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The number will be helpful to ease the agony of the patient. Dr Deepak Sawant, the state health minister, said, “If the medical officer is not present, the patient’s relatives should report it on the toll-free number 104. Through the centre, the concerned medical officers will be contacted and will be informed to be present in the hospital. The facility will start from November 1.

After filing a complaint with the Health Advice Contact Centre, the relatives of the patient will be provided information regarding the concerned medical officer. In addition, the concerned medical officer will be given instructions to treat the patient in the hospital.

Due to this facility, if the medical official is located nearby, it will be helpful to treat the patient as early as possible. Moreover, if the medical officer is not available, the patient will be referred to the nearest medical centre where the medical officer is available.

If the medical officer is not available in the rural and sub-district hospital, the concerned medical superintendent of the hospital will be contacted and the additional civil surgeon at the district level will be informed to address the complaint.

Dr. Sawant said, “If the medical officer is absent without any prior notification. And during emergency, if the patient doesn’t get a timely treatment, an action will be taken against him.”