Depression during pregnancy? Yes, it’s real! Know its causes and symptoms 

Depression during pregnancy is referred to as prenatal depression. According to the psychiatrist, cases of depression during pregnancy are rising day-by-day. Experts say, if not treated, it can prove to be fatal to the expectant mother and the developing foetus

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Image Source: Google

Have you ever heard about prenatal depression, or, have you ever experienced a low, lonely feeling during pregnancy? Even if you have not faced such a situation, many expectant mothers are facing this situation.

According to the doctors, in India, around 15 to 20 pregnant women, per 100, are suffering from prenatal depression. Depression can strike anyone at any point in time.

However, during pregnancy, the causes are:

  • Unwanted pregnancy
  • No support from the family
  • Anaemia

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr Sagar Karia, a psychiatrist attached to Mumbai’s civic-run Sion hospital, said, “During pregnancy, the hormones in the body change. Owing to which, the expectant mother can slip into depression. However, most contributory factors are unwanted pregnancy and no support from the family. Every week, we council around 2-3 pregnant women who are suffering from prenatal depression.”

Dr Sarika Dakshikar, a psychiatrist, attached to Mumbai’s state-run GT hospital, added, “Number of times, the pregnant women face the dilemma, will my first child be a boy or a girl? She thinks way too much on this, and it can also lead to depression. If a woman has a history of depression, then also while she is pregnant, she can suffer from it.”

Dr Sarika added, “There is not much awareness about prenatal depression in our society. So, even when a pregnant woman is suffering from depression, she doesn’t seek the doctor’s help.”

Symptoms of prenatal depression

For the first three months, no symptoms are seen

Few symptoms which are observed later on are:

  • Anxiety
  • Fatigue
  • Crying, several times during the day