Dentist performs root canal on a stray dog in Nagpur


Having a root canal done can be one of the most painful things you can experience as a human being. Imagine how much it would hurt an animal then? Although, it may seem rare, dental treatment can be safely done upon dogs

A dentist from Nagpur, Maharashtra performed a root canal on a canine. The dog that required the oral treatment was a stray dog.

Dr Roshan Sakharkar is s dentist by profession, who generally tends to human teeth. For him, this was a rare incidence.

Dr Roshan usually feeds the stray dogs down the streets on a daily basis. One day while feeding the dogs, he noticed something strange in the behaviour in one of the dogs. He saw that the dog was eating well since the past few days. And he was avoiding food.

When he examined him, Dr Roshan found out that the dog had an infection in a tooth.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra Dr Roshan Sakharkar, a dentist from Nagpur, said, “The dog was behaving in a weird manner for the past few days. So, upon the examination, we figured out that there was an infection in one of the canine teeth. The tooth was also broken and due to the infection the dog was not having food as well.”

Dr Roshan further adds, “We could have removed the infected tooth, but, we decided to save the tooth and we settled upon the root canal procedure.”

A veterinary doctor from Nagpur, Dr Ashish Holey, also helped Dr Roshan in the surgery.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr Ashish Holey, said, “After giving anaesthesia, we drilled into the infected tooth in order to clean it. Then, we filled the tooth and root canal was done. Here while doing so; we had to keep in mind about the natural shape of his jaw.”

Dr Roshan Sakharkar further added, “We performed a root canal so that pet lovers and doctors in general, could become aware that a root canal can be performed on a dog.”

Dr Akash Akinwar, a dentist from Mumbai, said, “Dental treatment procedures on the animal is done under general anaesthesia, as the cooperation given by the animal is less compared to humans. It’s a very safe procedure as well. Though, it might seem uncommon, these procedures happen upon dogs in India.”