Dengue dilemma: KEM hospital forms teams to fight dengue

They say, ‘prevention is better than cure’, so acting promptly to this, KEM hospital has gone extra mile to keep dengue at bay, by taking necessary precautionary measures for doctors as well as the hospital staff. The hospital has formed teams to tackle dengue, which is creating havoc in Mumbai


While many patients are coming to the city hospitals to get treated for dengue, KEM hospital is taking measures to see that the doctors don’t fall prey to it. But one of the main concerns is the government hospitals as they generally have breeding spots owing to stagnant waters and so on. Hence, special teams have been set up at the hospital to check the cleanliness in and around the hospital.

According to information received by Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC’s) disease control department, 93 dengue patients have been registered in the month of August, while 2 patients lost their lives. From September 1 to 11, 102 dengue patients have been registered. But after which, the number has gone up to 164. In the first half of September, 1,659 people were suspected of dengue. That means, only in a span of four days, 62 new dengue patients were registered.

The dean of the hospital said that they are doing all that they can to keep the illness at bay. “Some doctors in the hospital did suffer from dengue, but they are all fine now. Currently, we have formed teams in the hospital which includes cleaners, staff, doctors, students and all to maintain the premise clean,” said Dr Avinash Supe, dean of KEM Hospital and Seth GS Medical College.

Furthermore, the Mumbai Association of Resident Doctors (MARD) association at the hospital started *CLEAN KEM CAMPAIGN*, since the last month. “We have started the campaign as the cases of Dengue, Malaria and AFI in the campus are a matter of great concern. We have put forth posters in the hospital so that everyone can be made aware,” said Dr Rajesh Katre, President of KEM MARD.

Rajan Naringrekar, Head, Pesticide Department, “Every week we go to KEM hospital, Wadia hospital and other hospitals and the vicinity along with the footpaths. As yet, the aedes aegypti larve hasn’t been found. If found, measures will be taken accordingly.”

Reports about the hospital earlier stated that many resident doctors were affected with dengue too, however, the hospital officials refute such claims saying, “Some doctors were down with dengue but are absolutely fine now.”

If you are in and around the vicinity, you could do this to keep dengue afar: [source: KEM MARD]

Wear full sleeve clothes to protect from bites while working.

Apply mosquito repellent on exposed areas while sleeping or working in hospital premises.

Use mosquito nets.

Do not leave taps running and  close any taps that you find running.

Do not leave water accumulated in buckets.

Turn over empty pails and buckets so they do not collect excess water.

Keep windows close when not in room.

Do not leave garbage lying around or throw garbage out of Windows. Use dust bins.

Instruct the patient’s relatives about the same.

Register your complaints about any leakages or potential breeding sites in hostel with the Warden.