Delhi: Resident doctors and medical students protest against NMC Bill

A protest was organised in Delhi in front of AIIMS, Gate No.1 from 12 noon to 2 p.m. by doctors on Monday, April 02. The purpose of this protest was to highlight the non-fulfilment of demands of young doctors and medical students in the NMC Bill

Delhi: Resident doctors and medical students protest against NMC Bill

The protestors stated that the government had betrayed the young medicos of this country, and has trapped them into the amendments which are proposed in NMC bill, but these amendments are not at all acceptable to them.

The doctors and medical students have six main demands:

  • Fees equivalent to government medical colleges in 85% of private medical colleges seats with the capping of rest 15 % of management quota.
  • Violence against doctors: First Chhatra Sansad which was held on March 24 passed a resolution that violence against doctors is a serious issue and demanded the constitution of a high-level committee which also includes members from medical students and young doctors, which will try to find out the probable causes and solutions along with decisions of warrant, conviction, and punishment.
  • Irregularities in the conduction of UG and PG Examinations raised the question on the sanctity of NBE. NBE which is under the scanner for so many irregularities and students are not happy with that board. Then why the government hasn’t merged it with NMC. Why they want to retain that board apart from 4 autonomous boards of NMC?
  • Remove NEXT: We asked for complete removal but government came up with a modified NEXT, now there is no clear description that how it would be merged with final year examination, how FMG will give that exam, how the whole country will give final year exam on the same time, same date, and many more questions it will raise.
  • Bridge course: The government said they will allow six months of bridge course for AYUSH doctors and send them to rural areas. Which means they want to systems of medicine, the one which is six month trained doctor are for the poor and MD/MS in urban areas for rich and influential. Why the double standards and divided opinions for two different classes of people? Rural people also have the same right as urban and rich, they also must get treatment from MD/MS doctors and not half baked doctors. This shows that this bill is ‘Made by rich for the rich.’ Students do not want bridge course even at state level.
  • Increase representation of elected members in commission: The students and doctors won’t accept six elected and rest nominated means ‘puppets’ of government and bureaucrats.

The protestors conveyed that overall this bill is still anti-poor, anti-people, anti-doctors, pro-rich, anti-representative, anti-federal, bureaucratised and politically motivated.

They said that, “We are not demanding pay hike neither any luxury. We are demanding our right to work with dignity. And work towards helping the poor and needy.”