Delhi: Health dept issues notice to ‘Badhai Ho’ makers, seek removal of the smoking scenes

The Delhi health department has always taken proactive measures to curb tobacco use. Earlier notices were also sent to Hollywood star and heartthrob Pierce Brosnan Pierce Brosnan for promoting paan masala and Bollywood actors Ajay Devgan and Akshay Kumar for their depiction of characters which were seen smoking in certain scenes of the movie


  • Delhi government has issued a notice to the makers of Ayushman Khurana starrer movie, ‘Badhai Ho.’
  • The notice has been issued under Cigarette and Other Tobacco Products Act (COPTA) asking to remove certain scenes in which the characters are shown smoking.
  • Dr S K Arora, Additional Secretary Health and Tobacco control officer of the Delhi government has issued the notice to the filmmakers.
  • All kinds of direct and indirect advertisement of tobacco products have been banned as per section 5 of the COTPA Act.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr S K Arora, Additional Director Health,  Delhi government said, “In the recently released Bollywood movie, ‘Badhai Ho,’ a number of scenes have been featured wherein the characters are  smoking.  It is the violation of section 5 of the COPTA act. We have sent a notice to the makers of the film to delete the scenes from the movie.”

Dr Arora further said, “”Youngsters can easily get attracted and influenced by the actors. A fan would like to emulate the actor whom he loves. So, it is likely that minors will start smoking after watching his on-screen idol indulge in the same. Filmmakers should keep this in mind while directing a movie.”

Dr Arora had sent notices to Pierce Brosnan, Ajay Devgan and, Akshay Kumar, in the past as well.

Dr Arora said 40% of all cancers, 90% of oral cancers, 40% of TB cases and 20-30% of diabetes, hypertension, heart attack, brain stroke are because of tobacco habits only.