Delhi health department asks Akshay Kumar not to smoke on screen

In one of his latest sports biopic, the character played by Akshay has been shown smoking cigarettes repeatedly. Owing to which the health department has written a letter to him


The Delhi Health Department has written a letter to Bollywood Actor Akshay Kumar, suggesting him not to smoke on screen

Dr S.K.Arora, Additional Director Health, Delhi Health Ministry, has penned a letter to the Bollywood ‘Khiladi.’

As per the recently released Global Adult Tobacco Survey, In India, the prevalence of tobacco use has gone down among the adults. But, the shocking fact which has come into the light that, the percentage of minors between the age group 15-17, who smoke tobacco has gone up from 2.9 to 5.5 per cent.

In the letter which is addressed to Akshay Kumar, Dr S.K.Arora, Additional Director Health, Delhi states,

  • You have an image of a public health promoter among the people
  • You have been shown smoking in one of your films
  • If possible remove the smoking scene from the film ‘Gold.’
  • If you cannot delete the scene then in your future films please don’t do the smoking scene anymore

Dr Arora, Additional Director Health and State Tobacco Control Officer, Delhi said, “Akshay Kumar is doing a lot of work in the health and social campaign in the real life, so he should not indulge in such acts. Stars of his stature have a huge impact on the followers and fans. And the fans follow their actor in the real life. Tobacco use in reel life will reduce his convincing power in real life, while advocating people not to use tobacco products. Stars like him should have the responsibility of the masses.”

Dr Arora further explained, “By doing such an act in the movie his convincing power will be reduced. The star of his stature can always alter the script in public health interest. Because smoking not only kills the user but also the ones who are inhaling the smoke passively in surroundings.”

He added, “So, i have sent him a request letter to delete the smoking scene from the movie ‘Gold’ where he has been shown repeatedly smoking. Or he should not do any scene like this in his future movies.”

He concluded saying, “In today’s time when tobacco industries are leaving no stone unturned in making new innovations like e-cigarettes, e-hookah and Juul to trap youngsters , in such scenario your action will further motivate them to use these products.”

Earlier, Delhi’s health ministry had issued notices to James Bond Pierce Brosnan, and Bollywood actors for endorsing pan-masala products.