Delhi: Govt school students to get free sports coaching

Delhi government has approved a scheme for providing good sports training/coaching for children in Delhi government schools. Under this, private sports academies, sports clubs and private sports coaches will be allowed to use the government school playgrounds and other sports facilities. Since, childhood obesity, gadget addiction is increasing amongst the children. This move can be helpful


  • Manish Sisodia, deputy chief minister of Delhi told about this scheme in a press conference in Delhi.
  • From the total number of children who will be trained, the half of the children will be from the government schools who will be given free training/coaching.
  • Other children will be charged fees accordingly.
  • On Friday, Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar took to social media platform with the message of ‘transforming India from being a sport loving nation to a sport playing nation’. As our eating sessions are bigger and sporting sessions are shorter.
  • He emphasised on building a sporting culture in the country, otherwise a young, unfit, unhealthy India will be recipe for disaster.

Manish Sisodia said, “Due to the implementation of this scheme in the schools, children who are interested in sports will be benefited. The sports enthusiasts often visit me to encourage the sports and train the children but, cannot do it due to the lack of space. This scheme will provide a chance to such people. First, there were only 15 sports. But, now there are 31 sports. And the number will be increased as per the requirement.”

Manish Sisodia said that this will encourage children to take up sports and promote sports at the local level.