Delhi: CM Kejriwal pays a surprise visit at govt hospital

On Thursday, Arvind Kejriwal, the Delhi Chief Minister paid a surprise visit at GTB Hospital to check whether the health services of the government are being properly delivered to patients


  • “Made a surprise visit of GTB Hospital. Long queues at pharmacy. Need to increase no of counters n pharmacists. Shortage of ultrasound machines,” read his tweet.
  • Apart from visiting the hospital, the Chief Minister also interacted with the relatives of the patients. During this time, he asked whether the patients were facing any problems during the treatment.

Speaking about his surprise visit, Kejriwal said, “I spoke to many patients and they expressed satisfaction with the treatment provided. Two-three patients were given a later date for treatment. However, they will be treated at a private hospital. And the government will bear the cost of the treatment. People will be specially appointed to guide the patients on where to go and whom to meet.”

The CM also informed that the more medical counters will be opened in the hospital. He said, “We have witnessed a long queue of people outside the chemists. The patients are stranded in the line for three to four hours. So, it is necessary to find a solution to this. Owing to which, we will open more medicine counters. Similarly, we will appoint more pharmacists as to enable patients to get medicines on time.”