Pune: Meet a father who helps clears misconceptions about MR vaccine

As the measles-rubella vaccination (MR) drive is in full swing across the state, a father of two daughters is on a mission to spread awareness and clear misconceptions about the vaccine. He speaks with other parents and tells them about the importance of having their children vaccinated


The state health and education department have let no stone unturned, in order to promote and spread awareness about the measles-rubella (MR) vaccination programme. And now, a father of two daughters has voluntarily come forward and greatly contributed to this cause.

He does all of this, so that, people do not have any misconceptions or wrong notions about the vaccine. His main aim is to let each and every parent know that this vaccine is safe and effective. A parent himself, he knows the concern that parents have about the vaccine in their minds. This is exactly why he helps in removing any doubts and quelling any fears that they might have.

Meet Amit Shivale, a resident of a small town called Dehu near Pune, he has helped generate awareness about the vaccine by giving presentations in front of around 10,000 people, in various social programmes, which have been held in different suburban parts of Pune city. He has also counselled parents on various myths related to the vaccination programme.

Amit anchors an entertainment show.  They are a group of eight people who arranges this show, in different parts of Pune. Since the announcement of the Measles-Rubella (MR) campaign, he has helped in creating awareness through 12 such shows.

He has also given a talk at parent-teacher (PTA) meetings in different schools. He has also personally spoken to parents by participating in government organised programmes for measles-rubella related awareness.

He added, “When the government gives something for free, we doubt the motive. Also, the government servants are already overburdened, and so as a citizen of this country, I felt that it is my duty to support such a useful campaign,” he said, when asked what motivated him to do this.

Amit further said, “I am an anchor, and a person who entertains people during events. People tend to trust in what I say. Also, I have administered the vaccine to my own two daughters, so as a parent, when I speak about it, it effectively debunks the myths among the other parents,” said Amit, who is a professional photographer and has few other side businesses.

Dr Kishor Yadav, who works at Dehu Primary Health Centre, said, “Amit’s proactive approach in creating awareness has helped a lot. It is with such robust efforts that we can achieve 100 per cent vaccination.”