Deaths due to noncommunicable diseases are increasing, states Praja Foundation study

Praja Foundation paper revealed that deaths due to noncommunicable diseases like diabetes as per the predicted data re 2,675 in 2016-2017 and deaths due to hypertension as per extrapolated data is 4,438 in 2016-2017. Also, it can pave a way to other noncommunicable diseases

Deaths due to Noncommunicable diseases are increasing, states Praja Foundation

Noncommunicable diseases are the leading killers worldwide as WHO’s report also states that noncommunicable diseases kill over 15 million people a year, aged 30-70 years, and many in low and lower middle income countries.

In India thousands of people die due to NCD’s like diabetes, hypertension, stroke and kidney diseases. And Doctors inform that taking proper medications can prevent the complications of noncommunicable diseases. “Noncommunicable diseases are not caused by infections. It includes diseases of heart, brain, stroke, cancer, diabetes and kidney. Younger patients of the age group of 20-30 suffer from blood pressure, diabetes and heart attack. Though, due to better medical care and awareness, people are living longer. Many of these diseases are preventable and can be delayed,” explained Dr Pratit Samdani, physician at Jaslok Hospital.

Doctors say that deaths can be prevented by stronger implementation of measures. “Around 42% people die due to noncommunicable diseases. Life style modifications and appropriate policy decisions can help in curbing the noncommunicable diseases”, stated Dr Tatyarao Lahane, dean of Sir JJ Group of hospitals.

What are noncommunicable diseases?

Noncommunicable – or chronic – diseases are diseases of long duration and generally slow progression. The four main types of noncommunicable diseases are cardiovascular diseases (like heart attacks and stroke), cancer, chronic respiratory diseases (such as chronic obstructed pulmonary disease and asthma) and diabetes.