Daughter saves father’s life by donating a part of liver

A 24-year-old girl donated her 60 per cent of liver to save her father’s life. Liver transplant took place in the Global hospitals on August 31

Daughter saves father’s life by donating a part of liver

Jagdish Patel (50), an Andheri resident, went through a hard time as due to hepatitis his liver failed. He was suffering from liver cirrhosis and the doctors informed his family that only liver transplant is the option to save him.

After Patel was told that he will have to undergo liver transplant, his daughter came forward to donate her 60 per cent of liver. After which he opted for a liver transplantation.

Speaking to My Medical Mantra, Neha Patel said, “Due to hepatitis, his liver failed and liver transplantation was the only option left. That is the reason; name wasn’t register in the waiting list. As waiting for a longer time would have put my father’s life in danger. In order to save my father’s life, I decided to donate a part of my liver.”

The liver transplantation surgery, successfully took place in the Global hospital on August 31. Neha donated 60 per cent of her liver and saved her father’s life. Neha was discharged within a week but her father is still seeking treatment.

Neha said, “The amount estimated for liver transplant was about 25 lakhs. Till today, 24 lakhs have been paid. Relatives and friends helped us in raising money.”

Chief Liver Transplant Surgeon and Head of the Department, Global hospitals Dr Ravi Mohanka informed, “Patel is doing very well now, in fact he will be discharged in a day or two. He had come in with a liver failure which needed a transplant very badly. It is good that he got saved by his daughter. She gave 60 per cent of her liver to save her father.”

According to doctors:

  • Liver cancer or liver cirrhosis requires liver transplantation
  • A portion of liver can be donated while the donor is alive
  • Liver regrows in the donor or the recipients body
  • In six to eight weeks, the liver is fully developed