Daughter donates organs of her brain dead mother

A daughter's noble deed to donate her brain dead mother's organs has given a new lease of life to four patients who were in need of organs, cornea and skin

Daughter donates organs of her brain dead mother

A 43 –year-old woman was declared brain dead after she met with an accident on Baramati-Jejuri road. Her daughter, who is perusing engineering, decided to save four lives by donating her mother’s heart, liver, two corneas and skin, with the help of the other family members.

Ruby hall clinic’s staff, travelled all the way to Delhi with her heart, as there were no recipients available in Pune and Mumbai. The heart was transported via green corridor from Ruby Hall Clinic to the Pune airport within the record time of five minutes.

The transplant co-ordinator at Ruby Hall Clinic Surekha Joshi said, “We got in touch with National Organ and Tissue Transplant Organisation (NOTTO) and the heart was allocated to All India Institute Of Medical Science (AIIMS) Delhi for further transplant. This record time to transport the retrieved heart to the airport would not have been possible without a full proof co-ordination of Pune Police.”

According to the hospital administration, a patient who was on the waiting list for liver transplant at Ruby hospital for more than a month underwent liver transplant on Tuesday at Ruby hospital. And cornea would be transplanted in the Ruby Hall hospital once the recipient is identified. Further, her skin has been further sent to Sahyadri Hospital.

Hospital administration added, “Her pancreas and kidney were damaged during the accident and could not be retrieved.”

Joshi further said, “The doctors, who were treating the accident victim saw no improvement in her and declared her as brain dead. The doctors gave two options to the patient’s relatives of either taking her body or to opt for organ donation. So her family came forward and chose to go for organ donation. It was her daughter who took the decision of donating her mother’s organs.”