Cybercrime: Maharashtra Women Commission forms special committee for women

The Internet has helped connect people across continents and bring them close, it provides access to information at the click of a button and also made life easier in the digital ear. But, at times even the Internet can have a dark side

Cybercrime: Maharashtra Women Commission forms special committee for women

To tackle the rising cases cybercrime in Maharashtra, especially cybercrime targeting women; the Maharashtra State Woman Commission has formed a Cybercrime Committee.

In its first meeting held on Thursday, May 09, it was decided that a Cyber Cell in the commission would be formed to help women victims of cybercrime.

A report will be made on suggestions and advice to the state government for better redressal of women affected by cybercrimes, more specifically of online defamation, trolling, sexting, matrimonial frauds and abuse.

It will also publish a booklet with cybercrime and remedies for women and children and conduct certain researches on the subject.

Speaking to My Medical Mantra, Vijaya Rahatkar, President of the Maharashtra Women Commission, said “Cybercrime cases are rising, and women are also being targeted on social media. We find instances of something which is written against them on the various social platforms. This causes lots of pain and mental agony for the women as her daily life gets affected. In order to curb these cases we have formed a cyber-cell committee.”

She further added, “This committee will study all the cases and give its recommendations to the commission in form of a report. The commission will submit it to the state government so that, the state can take necessary action. And women can be protected from the cyber trolling and stalking.”