Couple from UP running from pillar to post to save their six-year-old boy

Anand Singh, who was to have a brain surgery to remove traces of tumour, now battles highly-resistant pneumonia. The family is struggling to gather finances to fund his treatment estimated at Rs7 lakh

Couple from UP running from pillar to post to save their six-year-old boy

Anand Singh is not a usual six-year-old boy. He has been confined to a hospital bed, first due to brain tumour and complications related to it, and now he battles highly-resistant pneumonia.

Anand was admitted to a hospital in Mumbai on May 31, 2017, to remove some traces of brain tumour, having undergone two surgeries earlier. The Singhs, who belong to Shamli district in Uttar Pradesh, were looking forward to the little boy going to school after the surgery when they were hit by a rude shock. He was diagnosed with highly drug-resistant pneumonia and had to be put on ventilator as his lungs started  failing.

Vikram, Anand’s father, said, “Some time back, I was making plans for my little boy’s new academic year. Now, I am struggling to raise funds for his treatment, which costs around Rs 15,000 – 20,000 per day.”

“My son was three when he was diagnosed with a brain tumour in 2013. He was operated in 2014, and he started leading a normal life like other kids of his age. However, the tumour recurred and he was operated again on January 28, 2017, in Mumbai. He was to be operated again in June to remove some traces of tumour, but he has now developed severe pneumonia,” his father added.

Couple from UP running from pillar to post to save their six-year-old boy

Anand was shifted to Society for Rehabilitation of Crippled Children (SRCC) Hospital, Mumbai, on July 13, 2017, and is under special care. The hospital has estimated the cost of Anand’s treatment at Rs7 lakh.

Dr Soonu Udani, director – critical care, SRCC Hospital, said, “Anand is currently admitted to PICU. He needs specialised care including a special ventilator called an oscillator and several antibiotics. Although he is improving, he remains partially ventilator dependent and he cannot move at all his own. He will require a very long time to recover.”

Vikram, meanwhile, had to give up his teaching job at a private school as he has to travel with Anand for treatment. “After his surgery, I just wanted to take him home and prepare him for school. Now, everything has changed. I don’t know many people in Mumbai. I am trying my level best to get financial help. We are already financially exhausted,” he said.

Anand’s mother, Ruchirani, who till recently was taking care of his elder sister while working at a private security agency, is also in Mumbai. The family lives at the hospital with their son as they do not have any relatives in the city.

“We want nothing, but our child to recover. His sister is also missing her school but what can we do? There is no one back at our place who can take care of her. I give company to Anand, while his father works hard to gather the required funds,” said Ruchirani.

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