Corporal punishment victim to undergo treatment in Mumbai

Vijaya Chougule, a Kolhapur resident forgot to carry her book to the school. Sounds like a small thing. But, it turned out to be horrendous for her when her teacher punished her by asking her to do 500 sit-ups. Now, Vijaya will seek treatment at KEM Hospital in Mumbai

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You must have heard many incidents of teacher pushing the students when they do not complete their homework. But, you would be shocked to hear that in Kolhapur, a teacher punished the student just because she didn’t carry her notebook. Vijaya Chougule, who studies in standard 8 th, was asked to do 500 sit-ups.

After 300 sit-ups she just collapsed on the ground. Immeadiately, she was rushed to Rajarshi Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj Government Medical college. CT scan, MRI and the other tests were done. Nothing could be diagnosed. After which, the doctors advised her family to shift her in Mumbai for treatment.

Her health deteriorated and her legs are shaking since then. She has suffered injuries and she is unable to stand.

Nivrutti Chougle, Vijaya’s father contacted Dr Avinash Supe, Dean, KEM Hospital and requested him to treat her.  The doctors agreed and Vijaya will be given further treatment at KEM Hospital in Mumbai.


Speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr Avinash Supe, Dean, KEM Hospital said, “In the morning, I got a call regarding this girl. The girl will be treated in Mumbai. We will admit her in neurology and will start her treatment. All the medical tests will be done. Test through video EEG will also be done. After which, we will decide about the treatment that should be given to her.”

Dr Rahul Bhatambre, consultant neur0 psychiatrist, Mansparsh Neuro Mind Care clinic from Kharghar, Navi Mumbai said, “The girl must be scared after the punishment which is why her condition has not improved yet. The person keeps on recollecting the incident. One gets mentally drained. The girl must have gone through this. She must have undergone mental and physical pain.”

Dr Anil Venkitachalam, a neurologist at Hiranadnai Hospital said, “Children get stressed if they are punished. Some children face urinary problems. Continuous sit-ups can hamper the blood circulation. Children tend to get scared.”