Constable Lalitkumar reporting sir! 

After transforming from Lalita to Lalitkumar, Lalitkumar resumed his duty as constable in the Maharashtra police on Tuesday. Lalita underwent sex reassignment surgery in Mumbai’s state-run St George Hospital

Constable Lalitkumar reporting sir!

  • Twenty-nine-year-old Lalitkumar Salve resumed his duty on Tuesday at Majalgaon police station in Beed district of Maharashtra.
  • Lalita Salve underwent the sex reassignment surgery in Mumbai’s state-run St George hospital.
  • Earlier, Lalita worked with the Maharashtra police as a female cop. But, now with his own identity, Lalitkumar, he will work as a male cop in the police force.

“It’s the biggest day of my life. When I had gone from here (Majalgaon), I was a lady constable. But, now I am back here as a male constable. The journey from a woman to man was not easy. But, my department supported me a lot. And without their support, this day would not have been possible in my life,” said Lalitkumar Salve.

As one speaks with Lalitkumar, one can feel the happiness in his voice. The joy of winning a long-fought battle for his own identity. And, finally, Lalita transformed into Lalitkumar.

Donned in a Khaki uniform, Lalitkumar reported on duty with the big smile on his face. He was happy to join the police force back, which he calls his extended family. And, he joined the duty as a male cop.

“I have fought a lot, and the police department also supported me a lot. I could fight because of their support,” said Lalitkumar after reporting on duty.

A 29-year-old Lalita Salve underwent a sex reassignment surgery in Mumbai’s state-run St George Hospital in May. After taking due rest advised by the doctors for about three weeks, Lalitkumar joined the duty.

The first phase of the sex reassignment surgery is over, and after six months the doctors will perform the second round of surgery.