Conjoined twins seen for the first time without bandages as they head to rehab after separation

Jadon and his brother Anias were separated in a 27-hour surgery on October 13. It has been the fastest recovery in history although Anias's progress is slower

Dr. Oren Tepper and Dr. James Goodrich holding a pair of formerly conjoined twins, Jadon, left and Anias Montefiore Hospital via AP
Dr Oren Tepper and Dr James Goodrich holding a pair of formerly conjoined twins, Jadon, left and Anias Pic courtesy: Associated Press

Formerly conjoined twins Jadon and Anias McDonald have transferred to a new hospital to begin rehabilitation nine weeks after being separated.

The twins were separated in a 20-hour procedure at Montefiore Medical Center in the Bronx on October 13 and 14.

On Wednesday, they left the New York City hospital that had been their home since February, transferring to Blythedale Children’s Hospital in suburban Westchester.

There, they’ll receive specialized rehabilitation care, the medical centre said Thursday.

Both boys continue to battle infections, and Anias struggles with seizures.

But to the delight of the medical team and their families, both boys are getting stronger, often smiling and are able to look at each other, play together and hug one another.

Jadon and Anias continue to surprise us every day,’ said Dr James Goodrich, the surgeon that has seen them through months of preparation, surgery, and recovery.

‘As one of my most difficult cases, we knew recovery would take time, but we are all amazed by how well the boys are bouncing back and are confident they will continue to achieve new milestones at Blythedale.’

The now 15-month-old twins were attached at the brain and the skull.

They both suffered infections following the surgery, and Anias developed seizures that are now being controlled with medication.

Seizures aren’t uncommon among twins who were conjoined at the brain, Montefiore said.

Source: Daily Mail