Coming Soon: An App to download customised babies

Picture courtery: CNN Money
Picture courtery: CNN Money

Downloading a tailor-made baby will soon be a reality as Mumbai’s largest sperm bank supplier is planning to develop an application for the same. The plan is to develop an App which will allow couples to choose a sperm donor based on their choice and order it through the mobile-based application.

Sperm donation is used to assist heterosexual couples unable to produce children because of male infertility.

“We have an interactive website where the couple can place their demands on type of person they are looking for sperm donation. But, with changing times, we are planning to make it app based,” said Dr Dilip Patil, managing director, BabyQuest CryoBank.

Patil, who has been in the sperm bank business since 2008, said although their website is very mobile friendly, they are in process to have an app to search portfolios of the sperm donors. “Couples wanting sperm donor prefer certain physical attributions like skin complexion, eye colour, height, appearance of the person. They also ask for education qualification, hobbies,” said Patil.

Recently, a London-based sperm bank launched its app to find sperm donor. Patil said in India, most of the sperm donors are young college professionals who want to make quick pocket money. “Most of our donors are from science, medical, IT background who are either studying or just started working and need extra money. Average age of sperm donors is between 20-30 years,” said Patil.

Fertility clinics charge up to Rs 2.5 lakh to provide sperm to childless couples.

Explaining the economics behind sperm donation, Dr Aniruddha Malpani, infertility specialist said it is a lengthy procedure unlike blood donation and a person gets Rs 5,000 for 10 samples. “One sample is collected every week and the person has to undergo blood test for HIV. It could take up to six months and a battery of tests including HIV, hepatitis B, sexually transmitted diseases etc before a person is approved as a donor,” said Malpani.