Coming soon: A web portal to boost medical tourism in state, informs Dr Deepak Sawant

About 50 thousand patients are admitted every year for treatment in the state’s five-star hospitals. Even late Eman Ahmed, ‘World’s Heaviest Woman,’ was undergoing treatment in Mumbai. Dr Deepak Sawant, the state health minister said, that state government will provide quality health facilities to the patients coming from abroad, for treatment in Maharashtra


Since last few years, medical tourism is growing rapidly in cities like Mumbai and Pune. A Large number of patients come from abroad for the treatment of heart and liver transplants, kidney and many more diseases in Maharashtra.

On Friday, in a meeting with Health Minister, representatives from several hospitals were present. In which, it was decided that a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) will be prepared with the inputs from the hospitals.

Health department will launch a web portal which contains patient’s details, affordable hospital for him and so on, through which, all the information will be also there with the state government, to ensure that the patient’s receive proper treatment.

Speaking to My Medical Mantra about this meeting, Dr Deepak Sawant, the state health minister informed, “We will ensure that a patient gets a proper accommodation in Mumbai and Maharashtra. This information will be sent by a letter to all the embassies through the principal secretaries of health department. Also, we will  see to it that the information is provided on one click at the airport.”

He added, “On the web portal, information about hospitals and their state-of-machineries will be provided. In the upcoming year, the information of the hospitals in the state will be collected.”