Comic book character to inform kids about TB

A Delhi based NGO has developed a comic book character to help inform kids about tuberculosis (TB). The character named ‘Knight Wolf’ is portrayed as a superhero that fights TB and raises awareness about the disease

Comic book character to inform kids about TB

  • Cases of tuberculosis are on the rise across the country, children are susceptible to TB due to their underdeveloped immune system.
  • 2,430 children under the age of 15 diagnosed with TB, informs Maharashtra Health Minister Deepak Sawant.
  • Since January 2018 till April 2018, 2,430 children under the age of 15, have been diagnosed with tuberculosis.
  • Out of which 603 children are from Mumbai, and 440 children are from Thane and Palghar districts. Maharashtra witnesses 1, 75,000 new cases of tuberculosis every year

Now, in order to spread awareness among children, an NGO called Operation Asha has made a comic book to spread information about the disease in a child-friendly manner.

Since the last two months the NGO has distributes these books among children studying in government schools.


In an interactive manner, the comic character ‘Knight Wolf,’ aims to inform children about topics such as what causes tuberculosis, what are the reasons behind TB, TB symptoms, diet to be followed, how and when medicines should be taken, duration of the illness and so on.

The NGO has its branches spread across Mumbai, Vasai and Palghar. Its volunteers help identify TB patients and also go door to door to spread awareness.

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Speaking to My Medical Mantra, Sanjay Kumar Shukla, Operation Asha’s senior programme manager from Delhi, said, “The subject of TB is a sensitive issue to handle, especially with children. We had to find a way to get our message through without sounding like a textbook. We thought of many ways to simplify TB in terms which children could understand. We then came upon the idea to use the medium of comics, as the colours and visuals can catch their eye. We made a character that they could look upon, and that’s how we created ‘Knight Wolf.’ A superhero who could inform them TB and also provide them an immersive experience with his adventures.”

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Operation Asha’s Vasai programme officer, Deepak Sharma, said, “The comic books are available in Hindi and Marathi. We distributed these comic books to children studying in 5 municipal schools, 20 days ago; the books have received a great response from both the students and teachers.”

He added, “Children help in spreading information as they talk to their parents, neighbours, friends, and people in their neighbourhood. Due to this, we were able to identify two TB patients who were suffering from TB, who happen to reside in the same locality as the children.”