Coimbatore mourns the passing away of ‘20 rupees doctor’

In times when medical treatments are becoming exorbitant by the day, Dr Balasubramanian won hearts with his Rs5 to Rs20 fees. After the news spread, the cops found it difficult to handle the crowd gathered at his clinic in Coimbatore

Dr Balasubramanian Pic courtesy: The Better India

The city of Coimbatore has been engulfed in mourning the demise of Dr Balasubramanian, a general physician who only charged Rs20 for treatment.

Dr Balasubramanian, fondly called as ‘20 rupees doctor’, ran a clinic for twelve years at Sidhapudur, near Gandhipuram. He passed away at his residence at Singanallur on last weekend. The doctor had a humble beginning at Bodinayakkanur located in Tamil Nadu’s Theni district, where he charged Rs5 from his patients. When he moved to Coimbatore to work at ESI Hospital, he began to charge Rs10, who willingly gave him 15 rupees for his trusted treatment.

Former patients, residents speak out

Bhupathy, who received treatment from Balasubramanin for the past 10 years, was shaken when he heard about the doctor’s demise. He rushed to the clinic hoping that it was only a rumour. But it wasn’t.

He recalls, “Initially, he only charged Rs10 and only in the past two years, he started charging Rs20. I’ve been his patient for years. He never worried about earning money. The maximum amount that I would have paid him would be Rs50, of which Rs30 was for medicine. There is no doctor like him. He was God to many.”

Arun, a resident of Gandhipuram recalls how he could see long queues every time he crossed the clinic on his way home.

“He didn’t care about time. If anyone knocks at his clinic door, even at midnight, he’ll never turn them back. He spoke to his patients with concern, listening to what they had to say, which itself would cure them partially. His death is a huge loss to us”.

Crowd gathers outside Doctor Balasubramanians clinic in Coimbatore Pic Courtesy: India

It became difficult for the cops to control traffic as large crowds gathered in front of the doctor’s shut clinic. Some prayed, while others lit a candle in his memory.

‘Great inspiration to us’

Sindhu, Dr Balasubramaniam granddaughter, flew from Bangalore after hearing the news. “I’ve seen him from childhood. He was a great inspiration to us. Many here find it difficult to accept that he has passed away. There are so many people gathered here. I see his presence in each and everyone’s eyes here,” she said.

The sight of children holding candles and praying for the doctor’s soul brought back hope that good deeds never go unchecked.

Source: India Today

  • dr.meghraj j. chawada

    Really great person.
    He was one of symbol of the noble medical profession.
    May God grace peace to the great soul.