‘Cleanliness the best way to promote hygiene and disease prevention,’ says Vice President

M. Venkaiah Naidu has said that cleanliness ensures hygiene and disease prevention and it also creates a sense of social well-being and good mental health. He was addressing a social gathering after releasing two books - ‘A Treatise on Cleanliness’ and ‘Waste Management, an Introduction’, authored by Rajat Bhargava


‘Cleanliness the best way to promote hygiene and disease prevention,’ says Vice President
Image source: Twitter

The Vice President said that it is apt that the author has chosen these subjects at an appropriate time when India is journeying through a phase of growth and development. He further said that cleanliness is next only to godliness. Cleanliness and waste management are not only linked to hygiene but management of resources as well, he added.

Naidu said that there is a need to build awareness about the importance of a self-sustaining system of waste disposal and minimising waste production. He further said that innovative methods to dispose of residential, commercial and manufacturing waste need to be implemented across the country.

A wide spectrum of issues surrounds the implementation of waste disposal and thus, it is a great initiative to bring out a treatise on solid and liquid waste management, he added.

He stated that waste treatment and disposal produces significant green-house gas (GHG) emissions, notably methane, which is contributing significantly to global warming.

He further asserted that we need to continue to introduce clean technologies and build awareness about the impact of our practices on the environment. This will lead to sustainable development, and aid in achieving millennium development goals, he added.

The ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan’ has brought about a much-needed change in the way we approach waste management, he added.