City student designs device hold liver up while surgeries

Pooja Kulkarni, the final year student of Master in Industrial Design in IIT-B, has designed a device to facilitate surgical process for removing gallbladder. The device would be used to hold the liver up while the surgery is in process which would eventually reduce the chances of human error and costs involved in surgery

An IIT Bombay (IIT-B) student has come up with a device to facilitate the surgical process of removing gallbladder. Pooja Kulkarni, a final year student of Masters in Industrial Design course offered by Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay (IIT-B). She has designed a device called Endogun, it’s used for deploying Endoretractor — a gallbladder retraction device designed for laparoscopic cholecystectomy (surgical removal of the gallbladder). The device reduces incisions, thus reducing the costs involved, chances of error and human engagement.

City student designs device hold liver up while surgeries
Pooja Kulkarni, IIT-Bombay student

“Endogun facilitates the process of deploying Endoretractor into the patient’s body. Also, major part of laparoscopic cholecystectomy is to hold liver up. The Endogun would do it automatically, once inserted, thereby reducing the efforts to hold the liver up manually,” said Kulkarni.

Depending upon the level of infection, experience of the surgeon and the devices used by the team, a laparoscopic removal of gallbladder requires on an average of 30 minutes. The surgery cannot be performed without holding the liver up and major risk in the surgery is of getting the liver damaged during the surgery. “Such device will be definitely useful for the surgical purpose. Currently, a person has to be assigned to hold the liver up while surgically removing the gallbladder. It would reduce the stress and the chances of errors. While performing the surgery, we have to be very careful in not damaging the liver. If the liver is damaged then it would start bleeding which may prove fatal for the patient,” said Dr Amol Wagh, Advanced Laparoscopic Surgeon and Assistant Professor at Sir JJ Group of Hospitals.

The Endogun device is in the process of entering into the market. According to experts, its effectiveness will depend on the form of surgery. “Currently many retractors are available in the market to facilitate the process of surgeries. The use of the device will depend upon the form of the surgery,” said Dr Ajay Bhandarwar, HoD general surgery, Sir JJ Group of Hospitals.

City student designs device hold liver up while surgeries For Pooja, this is step towards reducing chances of the human errors in surgery and a technological innovation in healthcare sector. After pursuing Masters in Industrial Design, Pooja wants to design useful tools for healthcare system. “It is necessary to bridge the gap between urban and rural healthcare system. There has to be the combination of connectivity in terms of transportation and the integration of technology. Connectivity has been improving gradually. We have to work towards increasing the reach of advance technology,” she added.