Chembur BPCL blast: Terrified workers shares first-hand account, 41 injured

Two employees of the Bharat Petroleum plant in Chembur share eyewitness account

Tulsi (left) and Anil Kumar (right) who made it out of the blast site
Tulsi (left) and Anil Kumar (right) who made it out of the blast site
  • A few people have been injured in the blast which took place in the BCPL refinery at Chembur.
  • The Bharat Petroleum refinery at Mahul road in Chembur area of Mumbai caught fire at around 3 pm.
  • Fire and smoke was seen emanating at BPCL’ s refinery near the Eastern Freeway in Chembur.

The blast was so massive that the shock waves shook the glass panes windows of residential buildings four km away. Residents around the area said that it felt like an earthquake.

While speaking to the press, Anil Kumar, who works at the BPCL plant said, “Upon hearing the explosion, we ran for our lives. Everything was in pieces around the blast site. A sheet of metal scraped my leg. We have no idea how the blast occurred.”

Tulsi, a worker who belongs to Andra Pradesh, speaking to the press said, “I was working in Unit No 402, which was near the hydrogen tank and as soon as the blast occurred, me and my fellow workers ran with whatever we had with us to save our lives. As I was close to the site of the blast, my ears are still ringing from the impact of the sound.”

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, DCP Shahaji Umap, said, “We have not yet received any information about how many people have been injured. But, there are a few workers who were inside at the time of blast who have been reportedly injured.”

Chief Fire Office Prabath Rhandale, satated, “Total 41 people injured out of which 22 persons are treated at BPCL medical centre and allowed to go home, whereas the remaining 19 person are sent to Sushrut Hospital, in Sion for further treatment.”