Chembur BPCL blast: 5 workers in ICCU, 2 critical

In total, 43 BPCL workers were injured in the blast out of which 21 were treated at the refinery itself and allowed to go home, while 22 workers were shifted to Shushrut Hospital in Sion. Among these 22 workers, 5 are admitted in the ICCU and 2 among them remain in a critical condition


A regular work day turned into a horrific event, when a blast occurred at the BPCL refinery at Mahul road in Chembur area of Mumbai. The blast occurred caught fire at around 3 pm. Fire and smoke was seen emanating at the refinery near the Eastern Freeway in Chembur.

The vibrations of the blast extended 3 to 4 kms, locals said they felt their building vibrate from the impact of the blast. Windows of nearby buildings shattered due to the vibrations. Residents in the area reported hearing a ‘blast-like sound just before the fire broke out.

Upon hearing the sound of the blast, Saut Sheikh, a worker at the plant since the last 20 years, ran towards the exit along with his co-workers, while running a piece of shrapnel from the explosion tore into the 45-year-old’s lips. He was immediately rushed to the Sushrut Hospital.

Jainur Sheikh, the son of a BPCL worker, Saut Sheikh who was injured in today's blast
Jainur Sheikh, the son of a BPCL worker, Saut Sheikh who was injured in today’s blast

When his son found out about the blast, he found out that his father was taken Sushrut Hospital. Jainur rushed to the hospital as fast as he could. Upon reaching the hospital he managed to locate his father. There were several other relatives of the BPCL plant who had gathered in the hospital.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Jainur Sheikh, said, “I came to know that a blast took place at the refinery around 3:00 pm, I was at my college when this happened, but I left from college at that instant as I was worried about my father. My father has suffered from a lot of blood loss, due to the impact of the shrapnel which tore his lips, he required stitches to his mouth. He is now stable. I am very grateful to God as even though this was such a big explosion, my father is still alive.”