Charitable hospitals to conduct door-to-door health check-up drive for poor

In Mumbai, many people live on foot path/ streets/ slums in unhygienic conditions and they also suffer from various ailments and do not seek an appropriate treatment. In order to provide treatment to the weaker section patients and the destitute, charity commissioner has written a letter to all the charitable hospitals to organise a health check-up drive on November 4


Poor people are often denied of treatment by the hospitals. So, in order to help them lead a healthy life, a health check-up drive will be organised on November 4, to treat poor people by going to their door steps and the destitute as well, through the initiative ‘Charitable hospital at the door step of poor patients’, as, the people are unaware and ignorant about the schemes.


Shiv Kumar Dige, charity commissioner, has written a letter to the hospitals in Mumbai to provide medical facilities to poor and destitute. On November 4, these hospitals will have to provide medical facilities to the people residing in slums and destitute.

Speaking to My Medical Mantra, Shiv Kumar Dige, charity commissioner said, “According to High Court, the poor patients should get an affordable treatment. But, few patients neglect it. A few days ago, a notice was slammed to Nanavati Hospital regarding this. It is an initiative to provide treatment to the poor patients.”

He added, “76 charitable hospitals in Mumbai are going to participate in this campaign. A  5o-bedded hospital will get 1 ambulance. A hospital above 50 beds will get 2 ambulances. And a 100-bedded hospital will get 3 ambulances. Medical examination will be done of people staying on the roads and slum areas around the hospital area. If needed, the patients will be admitted to the hospital and will be given an appropriate treatment.”