Charitable hospitals: Maha to increase the income limit for the treatment of poor and needy

The state government has given great relief to the poor and needy people who are taking treatment in the charitable hospitals. It has decided to increase the income limit of poor people seeking treatment in the charitable hospitals. This decision will benefit thousands of poor people


As per Shiv Kumar Dige, charity commissioner’s information:

  • People whose annual income was 50,000. Their income limit will be 85,000.
  • People whose income is up to 1, 00,000. Their income limit has been increased to 1,60,000.

This decision of the state government will benefit a large number of poor people. The patients can avail to modern medical facilities in a large charity hospital.

Speaking to My Medical Mantra, Shiv Kumar Dige, charity commissioner said, “The state government is taking efforts so that the poor patients get treatment in private hospitals. Those people who annual income is 50,000. For them treatment was given at charitable hospitals at an affordable cost. Now, the limit has been increased up to 85,000. For those whose income is up to 1,00,000.  Their limit has been increased up to 1,60,000.  Many poor patients well get treatment at a discounted rate.”

In the charitable hospitals, 10% beds should be reserved poor people. But, some hospitals didn’t follow this. The state government has taken this decision so that more and more people could avail treatment, said Dige.

As per the officials, those with the income of 85,000 will get free treatment. While, people with income of 1,60,000 will get treatment at an affordable cost.