‘Champion’ ready to undergo prosthesis surgery

After My Medical Mantra first reported about Champion, the dog who was found in a critical condition with his paws and genitals chopped off in Mira-Bhayander, several people came forward to support him. Now the NGo is in search of a reliable prosthesis expert to get the dog to walking

 ‘Champion’ ready to undergo prosthesis surgery

Champion was found from Mira-Bhayandar in a critical condition with his paws and genitals chopped off. He is now ready to be operated say its caregivers.

 “Champion is eating well and wagging his tail now. He is ready to undergo a prosthesis surgery now. However, at the moment, we are looking for an expert to help us with this,” said Ganesh Nayak, founder of Animals Matter To Me (AMTM).

Soon after My Medical Mantra broke the story, it went viral on Twitter with several people tweeting responses of best wishes for the dog. Celebrities, including RJ Malishka, Richa Chaddha and Rangita Pritish Nandy, writer of films Airlift and Chef, tweeted in Champion’s support.

Prosthesis seems to be the correct treatment for Champion. Experts say it all depends on the condition of the dog. “Very recently, I had done prosthesis for a donkey. When you do prosthesis, it basically means that the animal will have to be supervised to get accustomed to it,” said Dr Salil Jain, head of prosthetic and orthotics department of Sancheti Hospital, Pune.

Bollywood actor, John Abraham is Champion’s new best friend as he will take care of Champion’s treatment.

Speaking to My Medical Mantra, Abraham had earlier said, “I will see to it that Champion gets the best treatment and also the person who has committed the heinous crime is caught.”

Passers-by, on November 18, found champion in a critical condition with his front paws, penis and testicles cut off. After many NGOs refused help, they got in touch with Jibin Carlos, a volunteer with AMTM and then got Champion admitted to their facility immediately.