Central MARD doctors to meet CM Devendra Fadnavis to discuss doctor’s security  

Maharashtra Association of Resident Doctors (MARD) are likely be meet Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis next week. The MARD delegation will submit a written appeal to CM Fadnavis to address their security concerns in the government and civic-run hospitals across the state


In the wake of a recent attack on doctors and security staff inside Mumbai’s civic-run Nair hospital, the Maharashtra Association of Resident Doctors (MARD) has decided to meet Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis next week. The MARD delegation will express their concerns on the security of the resident doctors while providing medical treatment

While speaking to My Medical Mantra Dr Kalyani Dongre, President, Central MARD said, “We are planning to meet the chief minister next week to put forth our demands with the government. The attack on doctors is increasing day by day. Our appeal to the chief minister is, that the government must provide adequate security to the doctors while working in the hospital. Also, we need strong and decisive action against the culprits.”

The hooligans and crowd attacking the doctor community is a thing of fear these days. Every day, in any nook or corner of India, a doctor or a nurse or any health worker, in a hospital is attacked. These attacks may be of any form, it could be verbal abuse, slapping, beating, injuring, or maybe assassinating these health service providers, making out their solemn duty of giving treatment to the patients.

On the one hand, the society, hooligans, politicians, and the media show hostility against the doctors, and on the other side, doctors are silenced, bearing hard-hit blows from them like a punching bag.

“In a recent meeting with the government, we have raised several demands including an alarm system and installing CCTV cameras inside the hospital. But, this is yet to be implemented,” added Dr Kalyani.

Meanwhile, the Union Health Ministry has formed a committee to look into the aspect of creating a central law against violence on doctors.

In the last few days, there have been attacks on doctors which show no signs of ceasing. Dr Rajeev Gupta was shot dead in Karnal, Haryana on Saturday, July 6 while there were 2 attacks on doctors in a hospital in New Delhi and an attack on a paramedic in Nagpur.

These and many such attacks are the reason why doctors have demanded a central regulation.

The recent incidents of violence against doctors in West Bengal had rocked the medical fraternity to its core.

In the past two years, 53 doctors have been attacked or manhandled by the patient’s relatives while performing their duty. So far, there has only been one conviction. This has created a sense of fear among resident doctors.