iPhone craze lands Pune youths at doctor’s doorstep

While newer smartphones with latest features being introduced every day in the Indian market, the craze for buying the most latest one is leading youngsters to fall prey to having a case of personality disorder

iPhone craze lands Pune youths at doctor’s doorstepA doctor in Pune has received two cases of personality disorder wherein two young boys have shown a maladaptive pattern of behaviour for buying ‘the latest version of an iPhone’. A craze for buying the latest version of a smartphone is one of the telling traits of a personality disorder; that is seen in modern […]

Social activists highlight ‘pee problem’ through a play 

Activists from CORO and Right to Pee have joined hands to help spread awareness regarding women's sanitation rights through a commercial play called 'Baikanna Ka Nahi?' which means 'Why Not for Women'. The play aims to throw a light upon the perennial unavailability of clean toilet facilities in public places, which is a matter of concern to women

Social activists highlight ‘pee problem’ through a play In recent times, subjects regarding toilets and sanitation have been open spoken about by several people, including the Prime Minister himself. Narendra Modi mentioned it, in his Independence Day speech last year. However, the ground reality remains the same for woman as they still have to struggle to get their basic ‘Right to Pee’. Taking […]

Indian doctors offer medical services to needy patients in Rwanda

A team of 10 doctors performed 50 surgeries in urology and 18 neurosurgeries in a span of ten days. Their mission also included providing training to local doctors. A lot of medical supplies were also provided to government hospitals of Rwanda

Indian doctors offer medical services to needy patients in RwandaRwanda, a country located in east Africa, has only three neurologists for a population of more than one crore. The country which has abject poverty and a history of genocide has very poor health care services. Doctors from Maharashtra took up this challenge and went to operate on patients suffering from severe chronic illness in […]

Parents donate organ of their brain-dead son, save four lives

Suresh, a 21-year-old boy from Karnataka was declared brain- dead. Even though his parents were illiterate, they decided to donate their son’s organs after being counselled by the doctors

Parents donate organ of their brain-dead son, save four livesSuresh (named changed) sustained a head injury after he met with an accident on September 11 in Basavkalyan, a small town in Karnataka. After taking treatment in a private hospital, he came to Solapur government hospital on September 13, where he was declared as brain-dead. Though he comes from a rural area and has a […]

Unbearable heat forces Mumbaikars to visit hospitals

In the end of August, Mumbai witnessed a heavy downpour. But in the beginning of September, there was a sudden rise in the temperature as heat in Mumbai is on its peak. A thick haze enveloped the city, despite a high temperature in the day. As Mumbai’s air quality worsened, people suffered from respiratory ailments like cough and cold and fever

Unbearable heat forces Mumbaikars to visit hospitalsMumbaikars are reeling with heat and experiencing the October heat, in the month of September itself. People are sweating it out due to unbearable heat and humidity. Since Mumbai is experiencing heavy rains and heat and humidity at the same time, which has affected their health. Lot of people are making trips to the private […]

Mumbai doc’s mission to make India, epilepsy free

Epilepsy is a brain disorder due to which a person has repeated seizures over time. One of the reasons why it goes untreated is its expensive treatment. Owing to this, a city doctor has made it his life goal to provide free medications to the needy. Now, he will soon start an epilepsy rehabilitation centre in Mumbai

Mumbai doc’s mission to make India, epilepsy freeOn any Tuesday, as you walk your way through the threshold of Epilepsy Foundation in Lotus House Churchgate, you will surely find a long queue of people awaiting their turn to meet Dr Nirmal Surya. “Epilepsy affects at least 11to12 million people in India. Out of these, 70 per cent of the people are those who […]

Amyra Dastur reveals her fitness and beauty secrets

Super svelte, toned and beautiful Amyra Dastur, who debuted with the flick ‘Issaq’ mesmerised the audiences with her pretty looks and acting skills. Having started her career as a model at the age of 16, Amyra is an absolute fitness freak. She is a popular face in TV commercials. The gorgeous actress, who is gearing up for her debut Telugu flick ‘Raju Gadu Yama Danger’, shares her fitness and beauty formulas with My Medical Mantra

Amyra Dastur reveals her fitness and beauty secretsFrom being a pretty damsel to having a captivating personality, there isn’t anything that actress Amyra Dastur doesn’t have in her kitty.  Well, let’s have a look at how she keeps her body into shape. We bring you here the fitness mantra of Amyra Dastur. MMM: What is your fitness regime like? Amyra: When I’m […]

Pune woman delivers a baby, despite being in coma for 85 days

A woman gave birth to a baby girl, after coming out of coma, in Pune’s Ruby Hall clinic. According to the doctor, the woman was in coma for 85 days. Doctors took care of her baby, while she is in coma. According to doctors, she was in the state of unconsciousness in the hospital. Her condition was critical. Owing to her strong will power, she came out of coma and gave birth to the baby

Pune woman delivers a baby, despite being in coma for 85 days  A woman delivered a baby in Ruby Hall Clinic, Pune. Yes, there is nothing surprising in that.  But, you will be shocked, if we tell you, that a woman who was in coma for 85 days, delivered a baby girl. Don’t be believe us? Read this… After coming out of coma, the woman delivered […]

Revealed: Embryo communicates with mother’s womb

A team of researchers have uncovered how an embryo gets implanted in the womb. It also gives insights on early life events that take place inside the mother's womb. Also, through this research, an attempt has being made to decode the reasons behind the failure of IVF

Revealed: Embryo communicates with mother’s wombReproduction is the biological process by which new individual organisms (offspring) are produced from their parents. And the pregnancy process begins, after the fertilisation of an egg by a sperm. But do you know how this embryo finds a place in the mother’s womb? It is an important part of the pregnancy process, as the embryo has to find a […]

Pee problem: A Mumbai boy suffers from one-of-a-kind bladder condition

Mumbai boy, who could not urinate on his own, since birth, has now undergone a surgery that will enable him to pass urine by expanding the capacity of his bladder to store urine. As odd as it may sound, this boy Pratham, the son of a BEST driver named Ganesh Kedar, has been suffering from a rare condition known as bladder exstrophy

Pee problem: A Mumbai boy suffers from one-of-a-kind bladder condition“Aai, why are you worried, I am going to be fine,” are the words which are repeated by a witty, smart and cheerful child named Pratham Ganesh Kedar to his mother, Sarika. For the past 11 years, Pratham Kedar hasn’t passed urine at all. As odd as his condition may sound, the eleven-year-old son of […]