C.H.A.T: Children Have Arthritis Too

If your child has been diagnosed with arthritis, you probably have a lot of questions.There are a number of practical and emotional challenges involved in parenting a child with any form of arthritis. Dr Raju Khubchandani, Director of Pediatrics and in-charge Ped Rheumatology Clinic, Jaslok Hospital and Research Center addresses some of your queries…

C.H.A.T: Children Have Arthritis TooWhat is arthritis and what are its symptoms in children? The term arthritis simply means inflammation (swelling, warmth, redness, pain at rest or motion of a joint). With the child’s age, the symptoms of arthritis vary. Since, a child learns to express and localise his pain only at the age of four, new-borns with arthritis […]

Tattoo gone wrong? Here’s how you can deal with it

For tattoo removals, the options range from skin grafting to laser treatments. Laser treatments need to be done at three week intervals, with about five to six sittings which are generally safe

Tattoo gone wrong? Here’s how you can deal with itNowadays there is an increasing trend to get piercings and tattoos which are done in various areas of the body. Perceiving a certain body image for oneself has become a new trend. It is common to get requests for piercing to be done of the belly-button (navel), nipples, tongue, ear rims, and even private parts […]

Maha: 65% of deaths caused by non-communicable diseases, says ICMR report

The report states that around 65 per cent of deaths were reported and the cause behind those deaths were non-communicable diseases (NCDs). Communicable diseases forms 24 per cent, while the injuries form 12 per cent as the cause behind total deaths reported in Maharashtra

Maha: 65% of deaths caused by non-communicable diseases, says ICMR reportA recently released ICMR report titled “India: Health of nation’s states” says that non-communicable diseases is the leading cause of deaths in Maharashtra. The report shows that the life expectancy in the females and males has increased from 55 and 55 in 1990 to 69 and 65 in 2016 respectively. It highlights the change in […]

Pune: Doctors save pregnant lady with rare syndrome

A 22-year-old lady, who was third time pregnant, started getting seizures and lost her consciousness while she was delivering twins in Pune’s hospital. For three days, she was in comatose stage and gained her consciousness, only when the doctor treated her for a rare syndrome. According to doctors, a targeted treatment to control her Blood Pressure (BP), to improve her platelet count and to slow down the breaking down of Red Blood Cells, helped her to get back on track

Pune: Doctors save pregnant lady with rare syndromeEarlier this month, a rare case of HELLP syndrome, (H- hemolysis ( breakdown of red blood cells), EL- elevated liver enzymes (liver function), LP- low platelets counts (platelets help the blood clot) along with PRES (Posterior reversible encephalopathy syndrome) was diagnosed at Ruby Hall clinic. These are life threatening conditions during pregnancy, with the occurrence […]

India vows to eliminate TB by 2025 at 1st WHO Global Ministerial Conference

Speaking at the first high level plenary, JP Nadda said that India has ended polio and will use a similar intensified effort to end TB also. The National Strategic Plan for TB elimination in India has essentially four pillars to address the major challenges for TB control, namely- 'Detect, Treat, Build and Prevent'

India vows to eliminate TB by 2025 at 1st WHO Global Ministerial Conference  “Tuberculosis is the world’s biggest infectious killer. Like so many diseases, TB strikes the poorest and most marginalized communities the hardest,” said Dr Tedros while opening the WHO Global Ministerial Conference to #EndTB Union Minister of Health and Family Welfare, J P Nadda, today reaffirmed India’s commitment to eliminating tuberculosis (TB) by 2025 at […]

Maha doctors to get ‘overtime’

Doctors, Are you willing to work in rural areas? But, worried about working for more than eight hours and getting less ‘overtime’? Then, here is good news for you

Maha doctors to get ‘overtime’Now, doctors serving in the rural years will get ‘overtime’. The Health Department has taken this decision with the intention of encouraging maximum doctors to work in rural areas. Currently, there are many vacant posts for the doctors in the rural areas. For this, the state government will take 500 doctors on contract basis. According […]

‘Delayed diagnosis is a major challenge in epilepsy management’

Epilepsy is a chronic disorder characterised by recurrent and unprovoked seizures that lasts for 60 to 90 seconds. It occurs differently in every child and needs an accurate diagnosis as it can lead to multiple disabilities in children. On the eve of World Epilepsy, P.D. Hinduja Hospital and Medical Research Centre organised a free check-up camp, to aid those with complex epilepsy

‘Delayed diagnosis is a major challenge in epilepsy management’As a prelude to World Epilepsy Day 2017, a city hospital organised a free check-up camp to aid those with complex epilepsy. The event witnessed the participation of 49 adults and 39 children suffering from complex epilepsy. Epilepsy is a chronic disorder characterised by recurrent and unprovoked seizures that lasts for 60 to 90 seconds. […]

World Antibiotic Awareness Week: Do not self-medicate, warn doctors

It is important that the patients understand, that chemists are not allowed to dispense medications like antibiotics, pain relief medications, anxiolytics etc. without a doctor’s prescription. The reason is that chemists may have an understanding of the drug and its actions, but lack the clinical skills and lack understanding of the effects of a particular drug on the body

World Antibiotic Awareness Week: Do not self-medicate, warn doctorsWith the winter approaching, self-medication becomes a major concern for doctors. Often it is the friendly chemist, friend or patient themselves who suggest self-medicating based on the common symptoms. Needless to say it is completely inappropriate to take medications without a proper medical consultation. For one, most of the winter illness are mild illness, caused […]

20,000 Karnataka doctors on indefinite strike

On Thursday, around 20,000 doctors in Bengaluru, joined an indefinite strike, demanding that at least four of the 14 proposals in the Karnataka Private Medical Establishments (amendment) Bill, 2017, be dropped. The strike will be called off, once the government approves the demands

20,000 Karnataka doctors on indefinite strikeThe Karnataka government stared at a crisis on Thursday after 20,000 doctors launched an indefinite strike against some provisions of the Private Medical Establishments (Amendment) Bill. They demanded that the Siddaramaiah government drop at least four contentious proposals in the bill. The doctors joined colleagues from at least 14 other districts who were already protesting […]

CM Fadnavis aims to make Maha cataract-free by 2019

Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis's dream of making Maharashtra a cataract-free state will soon come true. CM Fadnavis himself has taken initiative which is not only for senior citizens but also for entire Maharashtra state. Approximately in 20 months, 17 lakh free cataract surgeries will be done. Apart from this, free spectacles will be distributed to these patients

CM Fadnavis aims to make Maha cataract-free by 2019There is a backlog of around 17 lakh surgeries across the state. Cataract of more than 5 lakhs people is mature. Therefore, CM Fadnavis decided to make Maharashtra cataract free. The Padma Shri awardee, Dr Tatyarao Lahane, joint director of Directorate of Medical Education and Research (DMER), is appointed as the chief coordinator for the […]