Decoding dementia: Need more dedicated professional carers, say experts

In the second of the four-part series on dementia, existing carers assert one of the ways dementia can be managed better is by changing the perceptions towards the elderly

Decoding dementia: Need more dedicated professional carers, say experts“Our centre takes care of about 40 dementia patients. We have around 30 trained carers, apart from general staff. The biggest challenge we face is finding people who want to engage in care giving, and retaining them,” said Mansi Atre, administration manager at Dignity Lifestyle Township, Neral. She echoed the larger issue of lack of […]

Is watching porn good?

A recent study carried out by Pornhub, one of the most popular adult website, India is the fourth leading country after USA, UK, and Canada which generates the maximum traffic on porn. The study suggests, that an average Indian spends 8.37 minutes while surfing porn

Is watching porn good?The debate on ‘porn’ is always followed with a very simple question, is it good or bad? People keep asking isn’t it degrading? Is it immoral or it is empowering? Over the last several decades, porn has remained a controversial issue worldwide. But is porn really harmful? Eminent psychologists in Mumbai debated this issue – […]

Bengaluru cop halts President’s convoy, gets rewarded by Karnataka police

M L Nijaligappa a Sub-inspector who is attached with Bengaluru traffic department stopped convoy of India’s First citizen, President Pranab Mukherjee to make a way for the ambulance. Karnataka state police have rewarded M L Nijaligappa for his presence of mind   

Bengaluru cop halts President’s convoy, gets rewarded by Karnataka policeSaturday June 18, was a just another day for Bengaluru police, as the President of India, Pranab Mukherjee was in the city. Security drill was conducted, standard SOP’s were followed and roads en-route to Raj Bhavan was blocked for the president’s movement. But, what was termed as a routine that day changed a life of […]

Yoga: Breast cancer survivors mantra for life 

Diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005, Hanisha Jatwani was shaken with the news. But, she never lost her positivity and her fighting spirit. According to her physical abilities, she continued to perform Yoga during her surgery, chemotherapy and radiation phase. She modified a lot of asanas because of physical restrictions. After recovering, she started teaching Yoga. She now conducts several workshops to teach others

Yoga: Breast cancer survivors mantra for life “We all have a turning point in life, for me it was being diagnosed with breast cancer. It has changed my life for better. The positivity from Yoga which I got during this period helped me to fight back,” said Hanisha Jatwani, who battled breast cancer detected in the 3rd stage. She is now a […]

‘Mind your peg’, IMA to doctors

IMA has laid down certain rules for its member doctors such as no alcohol should be served in IMA meets and six grams (18 ml of whisky) is considered to be a safe dose of alcohol.

‘Mind your peg’, IMA to doctors‘Practice what you preach’ is one saying that Indian Medical Association (IMA) has decided to follow by having an alcohol policy for its members. In a first-of-its-kind directive sent to its members, the umbrella body of allopathy practicing doctors has directed its members saying it is the professional responsibility of each doctor to promote a […]

A mother’s mission to heal little hearts

Aishwarya Trust, founded by Chitra Viswanathan, provides financial aid to needy children, who suffer from congenital heart diseases. Since its inception 2008, the trust has screened around 1,00,000 children from economically-vulnerable families

A mother’s mission to heal little heartsVenus Williams, one of the greatest tennis players of all time, once said: “You have to believe in yourself when no one else does –that makes you winner right there.” Chitra Viswanathan did just that, nine years ago. Today, she receives countless blessings every day for helping scores of children needy families, who suffer from […]

Decoding dementia: 4.1 million patients in India, only 20 care centres

In the first of a four-part series on dementia, we focus on lack of care facilities available to the elderly population suffering from the ailment. Experts say despite the rising number of dementia patients, there is a lack of awareness about the condition and management among public as well as healthcare professionals

Decoding dementia: 4.1 million patients in India, only 20 care centres  It’s 3am, and Seeta Chidambaram is crying inconsolably. “Everyone is ignoring me. You all will leave me,” the 87-year-old tells her daughter, Vijayalakshmi Mani. The family says this happens often. “My mother suffers from dementia. There are days she cries uncontrollably, and there are days when she does not talk. There are times she […]

Women too suffer from sexual disorders

Experts say that the relationship between men and women should be mutual and they should share their dilemmas like they share their life decisions. They feel that the spouses are good, but the communication between them is very poor

Women too suffer from sexual disorders  With men and women these days actively participate in everything and sharing their happiness as well as other decisions of the life, experts say that they should also openly communicate about their dilemmas too. “Nowadays, in many cases, relationship between spouses is extremely good, but the communication is very poor,” said Dr Saroj Gumaste, consultant […]

‘Sex is not a taboo, speak about it,’ say doctors

Aiming to create awareness about sex, the Indian Medical Association held its second SEXYCON — a conference to discuss issues like ‘Sex and the web world’, ‘male and female sexual dilemmas’ among others. Experts say early detection of dysfunction will always help with the problem, but a patient needs to talk freely about the problem with doctors

‘Sex is not a taboo, speak about it,’ say doctorsHaving sexual intercourse is a natural and normal function performed by a human body, yet it the least discussed subject. In India, exchanging views on sex is still a taboo, explains Professor Dr Deepak K Jumani, an assistant professor of Medicine at JJ Group of Hospitals and Grant Medical College who also serves as Consultant […]

Don’t be emotional, think practical, say families of organ donors

Sahyadri Hospitals’ invited the organ donors and recipients along with their respective families on Sunday, 18 June, 2017 in Pune. The event began with highlighting the importance of liver health and honouring the donors’ and recipients’ families

Don’t be emotional, think practical, say families of organ donors“Our loved ones are still with us today, their heart is beating in another person’s body, their cornea is given sight for someone to see the world.” said family members who had taken a decision to donate the organs of their loved ones after they were declared brain dead. In the last one year, Sahyadri […]