Accepting a firm ‘NO’ must be taught to your kids

Three years ago, in a fit of rage, an impulsive action proved to result in dire consequences for this child. And that is what Rohit Kumar is facing even today. So deep were his burns that he had to undergo multiple surgeries and is still under treatment, he is trying very hard to gain confidence

Accepting a firm ‘NO’ must be taught to your kidsWhat would a typical 11-year-old do if you refuse to buy him jeans of his choice? In most cases, the kid would be disturbed, cry or scream. However, would you expect the kid to burn himself? That’s exactly what Rohit Kumar (name changed) did. Kumar was the only son of an army officer who, on […]

Dizziness: Know how to get rid of it

Some people describe dizziness as feeling lightheaded, while some say it is a feeling of movement, either of themselves or the world around them. Another group might say dizziness is a feeling of being unbalanced, while others may have trouble describing it as anything other than plain dizziness

Dizziness: Know how to get rid of itSome of those who experience dizziness have accompanying nausea, vomiting, or a sense that they might faint. Dizziness is not a disease or condition in its own right, but rather a symptom of another issue affecting someone. Dizziness often goes away over time. In some cases, however, dizziness will not resolve on its own. Fortunately, […]

The health benefits of adult colouring books

Colouring therapy which is the latest trend, is an age-old practice recommended by psychiatrists to help their patients deal with stress. Though colouring books are usually among top-selling stationery products, doctors and bookstore owners claim that in the last few years, they have become immensely popular among adults

The health benefits of adult colouring booksMany city psychiatrists recommend colouring book therapy to their patients to help them improve their mental health. Dr Parul Tank, Psychiatrist and Therapist, said, “Colouring book therapy helps mind to focus on one thing, and reduces its tendency to wander.” Tank said these books give adults the liberty to express their feelings, without anyone judging […]

It’s time for digital healthcare

The operating environment of healthcare providers is very important for the health care developments in the country. With everything going online, it is important for us to opt for digital healthcare

It’s time for digital healthcareWith digital interference in every field, it has become the need of the hour for us to have it even in the healthcare sector. The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), a conference that is to be held on August 23rd in a Grand Hyatt have kept a special session on digital healthcare. “Digital health has […]

Here’s how you can avoid workout related injuries

There are no shortcuts. Both the young and old are now appreciating the need for fitness and making a beeline to the nearest gym in full earnest. Age plays a vital role in determining one’s response to exercise and also propensity towards injuries.

Here’s how you can avoid workout related injuriesConcepts about fitness are constantly evolving over time. I still remember my first gym workout which was way back in 1990. It was a modest set up where I used to do a 2-3 hour whole body workout as many days a week as possible. This was followed by drinking ‘nimbu paani’ before going to […]

Depression may alter brain’s white matter structure, says study

Globally, depression affects more than 300 million people. It is the leading cause of disability worldwide, and the second leading cause of death in people aged 15 to 29. Previous studies have linked disruption in white matter to problems with thinking and emotion processing

Depression may alter brain’s white matter structure, says studySo concludes a major study from the University of Edinburgh and the University of Glasgow, both in the United Kingdom, that used cutting-edge imaging technology to map the structure of white matter in the brains of more than 3,000 people. In the journal Scientific Reports, the researchers describe how they found that white matter integrity […]

Did you know? Your cute pet may give you a disease

Pets do bring many laughs and memories, but they can also bring unwelcome sickness

Did you know? Your cute pet may give you a diseaseWhether you’re the proud owner of a cuddly kitten, a loyal, fun-loving dog, or a cute hamster, chances are that you get many things from your pet — unconditional love, good company, and reduced stress,. And Unfortunately, scores of infectious organisms — from bacteria to fungi to viruses — can also be transmitted from your pet to […]

Suhana gets a ‘heart’

It was indeed a good morning for the Shaikh's as their 13-year-old daughter underwent a heart transplant after waiting for this since the past 4 months

Suhana gets a ‘heart’“I can’t control my tears to see Suhana with a functional heart. I will pledge to donate my heart the minute Suhana is discharged. The donor has given us a new life,” said Azad Alli Adam Shaikh, Suhana’s father after her heart transplant on Sunday morning. My Medical Mantra has been reporting about the urgent […]

Binge-watching your favourite shows can harm your sleep

As opposed to conventional TV, online and on-demand access to our favourite shows makes it easy to watch a high number of episodes in one sitting, usually in the evenings. But what is the cost of such intense media consumption on our sleeping habits?

Binge-watching your favourite shows can harm your sleepThe phenomenon of binge-watching has made an appearance in very recent years with the advent of streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime. It is currently estimated that 71 per cent of the adult population of the United States watches video content online. As opposed to conventional TV, online and on-demand access to our […]

Buldhana’s ‘blue-eyed boy’ diagnosed with rare genetic disorder

Suyesh Khotale has Waardenburg Syndrome, which has led to hearing loss. He has been fitted with cochlear implant and will be able to hear soon

Buldhana’s ‘blue-eyed boy’ diagnosed with rare genetic disorderBubbly little Suyesh is literally the blue-eyed boy of the Khotale family. Little did the four-year-old’s parents know that the bright blue colour of their son’s eyes is due to a rare genetic disorder, which has also led to hearing loss. Suyesh, the first born child of Gokula and Mahadev of Buldhana district in Maharashtra, […]