Soon: BMC hospitals to get additional 230 ventilators

Everyday, thousands of patients are admitted to the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) hospitals for treatment. Not, only from Mumbai, a large number of people come from Maharashtra and across the state. But as compared to the number of patients the number of ventilators is less. Owing to which, the BMC’s health department has decided to increase the number of ventilators

Soon: BMC hospitals to get additional 230 ventilatorsExpenditure: 24 crores 230 ventilators will be purchased in the first phase. The ventilators will be available at the KEM Hospital, Sion Hospital, LTMG Medical College, BYL Nair Hospital and Cooper Hospital. The ventilators will be fixed in the ambulances. As per the information received by the My Medical from the source, Tender process for […]

‘This profession is a mission and not commission’

At graduation ceremony in Tata Memorial Centre (TMH), Mumbai, vice president M Venkaiah Naidu emphasised on tackling cancer, which is a major public health issue in India and across the world. He also suggested, teaching yoga in schools. The Vice President also congratulated all those who graduated from TMH. On this occasion; Governor of Maharshtra C Vidyasagar Rao and Vinod Tawde, the state Education Minister were also present

‘This profession is a mission and not commission’In its projection, the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) said in 2016 the total number of new cancer cases is expected to be around 14.5 lakh and the figure is likely to reach nearly 17.3 lakh new cases in 2020. Over 7.36 lakh people are expected to succumb to the disease in 2016 while […]

Universal Healthcare is the need of the hour, say experts

Lack of trust in a doctor-patient relationship can lead to bad outcomes. To help address the issue of the lack of trust between doctors and patients there is a need for a better healthcare system for all. Pune Citizen Doctor Forum (PCDF), a non-profit registered society had organised a seminar on developing a system for Universal Healthcare

Universal Healthcare is the need of the hour, say expertsIrrespective of the economic background of the person, Universal Healthcare (UHC) would ensure that everybody gets access to quality healthcare. Members of PCDF stressed that the UHC should provide cashless quality healthcare for every person requiring it. PCDF is working towards bridging the current trust deficit between patients and doctors who are trying to do ethical, rational […]

Mumbai Marathon: Over 2,300 Marathoners get back on their feet

 Asian Heart Institute (AHI) the medical partner to the Tata Mumbai Marathon, helps over 2300 marathoners get back on their feet at the TATA Mumbai Marathon 2018.  In general, a majority of the cases were of muscle cramps, dehydration, minor injuries and exhaustion. 15 runners who suffered from dehydration were given intravenous fluid therapy at the medical base camps and were sent back. Physiotherapy treatment was also given to several runners

Mumbai Marathon: Over 2,300 Marathoners get back on their feet  AHI had set up 11 medical aid stations all along the route for any first aid requirements; 2 base camps (of 40 and 20 beds each) at the start/finish equipped to handle all emergencies. Total participants: 44,407. Participants needing medical assistance: 2300. Percentage  of participants needing medical assistance: 4.57%. The hospital deployed 11 cardiac ambulances […]

Mumbai: Doctors to organise music concert for cancer patients

The cost of treatment for cancer is huge and it is not affordable to the general poor patients. The ‘Medigene Homeopathic Research And Development’ has organised a music concert on February 4, at Ravindra Natya Mandir, in order to gather funds for the cancer patients

Mumbai: Doctors to organise music concert for cancer patientsSince last three years, this organisation is created awareness amongst the people. The funds gathered from this concert will be given to the cancer patients whose financial condition is poor. For this program, patient like Naina Thakkar is  also doing her bit. Speaking to My Medical Mantra, coordinator of the programme Naina Thakkar said, “For the first […]

Depression: ‘I didn’t want to be alive’, says Michael Phelps

Clinical depression is the more-severe form of depression, also known as major depression or major depressive disorder. Swimming great Michael Phelps, who won 28 Olympic medals throughout his career, opened up about his battle with clinical depression at a mental health conference in Chicago

Depression: ‘I didn’t want to be alive’, says Michael PhelpsClinical depression is not just grief or feeling sad. It is an illness that can challenge your ability to perform even routine daily activities. At its worst, depression may lead you to contemplate, attempt, or commit suicide. Depression represents a burden for both you and your family. Sometimes that burden can seem overwhelming. After Bollywood celebrities like Deepika […]

Doc safely delivers baby at 35,000ft on international flight

Dr Sij Hemal who was travelling form India to the United States, delivered baby on international flight. This definitely wasn't what Dr Sij Hemal was expecting when he booked a flight

Doc safely delivers baby at 35,000ft on international flightAn off-duty doctor sprung into action on a long-haul flight when a woman sitting next to him suddenly went into labour on the plane. For Dr Sij Hemal, who works at Cleveland Clinic’s Glickman Urological and Kidney Institute, The eight hour Air France flight from Paris to New York was the second leg of his […]

‘Some patients get bogged down, some keep an optimistic approach’

Jagavegali Mansa, Jagaveglya Goshti’ book by Dr Sushma Deshmukh highlights the trust and faith that patients and their dear ones blindly repose in the doctors. About how selflessly many social workers extend support to the strangers who need medical attention. The book throws light on how to live the life with a clear mind and how to fight the diseases by defying the odds

‘Some patients get bogged down, some keep an optimistic approach’Through this book, a vivid depiction of doctor and the ‘patient relationship’ has been sumptuously sketched. It not only brings out the manifestations of inter-active human dispositions, but also crystallises the uniqueness of the human approach in rendering the ‘healing touch’ drenched in human considerations. It also brings to the fore the concept that is […]

Buried penis syndrome: A unique clinical challenge, says doc

Obesity is the mother of all diseases. Obesity also has morbidities and a Buried penis (hidden penis) could be one of the major problems. Similarly, Shekhar Shah (name changed) visited a city doctor with a buried penis syndrome (BPS)

Buried penis syndrome: A unique clinical challenge, says docBuried penis syndrome describes a penis, normal in size, but lacking an appropriate sheath of skin. It could be a congenital disorder in which the ‘buried penis’ is located beneath the integument of the abdomen, thigh, or scrotum. The penis may also be buried within its own skin. Dr Deepak K Jumani, professor and sexual […]

Daughters fulfilled father’s last wish by donating his body

One organ donor can save up to eight lives. Similarly, Rasiklal Walia, (75), a Borivali resident, who was confined to bed said, ‘I won’t survive, but donate my body’. He told his daughters that it is his last wish. After which his three daughters donated his body at KEM Hospital, Mumbai

Daughters fulfilled father’s last wish by donating his bodyMumbai’s Walia family has set a new example for the society, by creating awareness about organ donation. The skin and eye donation procedure was completed at the Masina Hospital, Byculla, Mumbai. His eyes were donated at the Parel eye bank and his skin was donated at the Masina Hospital’s eye bank. While, his body was […]
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