Youngsters neglect spinal complications, reveals report

The World Spine Day 2017 Insights Report reveals that the 16-34 age group make up 20% of people treated for back and neck conditions in India. The age group which is most affected by spine problems is 35-54. Pune accounts for the highest number of negligence at 53% followed by New Delhi 49%, Bangalore 46% and Mumbai 40%

Youngsters neglect spinal complications, reveals reportSpine diseases carry a lot of social impact as a whole. Conglomeration of 100 patients and doctors at Nanavati Super Speciality Hospital. Pune and Mumbai account for higher number of younger people neglecting spinal complications. Nanavati Super Speciality Hospital organised an event that gave a platform to the spine patient an opportunity to share their stories and […]

Woman loses uterus but doctors save her baby

It was an intense moment for Sharmila Mane, (name changed) when she came to know that placenta that provides nutrition and oxygen to baby is abnormally surrounding her uterus. Doctors explained her about the risk involved if post-delivery that it leads to heavy bleeding. But last week, Mane delivered a baby boy with minimal blood loss of just 300 ml. even though she lost her uterus she thanked the doctors for saving her and her baby

Woman loses uterus but doctors save her babyPlacenta provide nutrition and oxygen to baby. Normally baby is delivered first. Then placenta is delivered.  Placenta attached on mouth of womb separates and delivers before baby. It causes life threatening torrential bleeding risking mother and baby’s life. This dangerous situation is called placenta previa. Few patients of Placenta Previa are even more dangerous. It is […]

Mumbai witnesses decline in abortion numbers

The abortion figures have come down in Mumbai compared to last few years. According to BMC’s health department’s data, 33,526 women underwent abortion for various reasons in Mumbai's municipal hospitals in 2016-2017. However, only 24,667 women underwent abortion in the year 2017- 2018

Mumbai witnesses decline in abortion numbersAs per the information received by the BMC’s health department: In the year 2013-2014, 30,117 women underwent abortion. 27,940 women got it done within 12 weeks and 1,330 women underwent abortion after 12 weeks. In the year 2014-2015, 30,742 women underwent abortion. 28,554 women got it done within 12 weeks and 1,396 women underwent abortion […]

WHO issues guidelines to curb C-sections

On Thursday, women in labour should be given more time to give birth and have fewer medical interventions, while participating more in decision-making, said World Health Organization (WHO)

WHO issues guidelines to curb C-sectionsWorldwide, an estimated 140 million births take place every year. Most of these occur without complications for women and their babies. Yet, over the past 20 years, practitioners have increased the use of interventions that were previously only used to avoid risks or treat complications, such as oxytocin infusion to speed up labour or caesarean […]

Organ donation: Swara Bhaskar and Nagraj Manjule support My Medical Mantra’s campaign

Organ donation is the need of the hour as one donor can save up to 8 lives. Now, actress Swara Bhaskar has appealed everyone to donate organs. While, director Nagraj Manjule supported My Medical Mantra’s organ donation campaign

Organ donation: Swara Bhaskar and Nagraj Manjule support My Medical Mantra’s campaignThere are millions in this country who need an organ for survival. If they get an organ, they can get a new life. Each year, hundreds of people die while waiting for an organ transplant. There is a shortage of organs, and the gap between the number of organs donated and the number of people […]

PM Modi to students: ‘Be warriors, not worriers’

As the SSC and HSC exams are round the corner. Students are busy preparing for the same. Today, PM Modi conducted ‘Pariksha Par Charcha’ session with lakhs students from across the country and addressed their examination-related concerns at Talkatora Stadium in New Delhi. While speaking to students he said, you are not talking to the Prime Minister of India, and you are talking to a friend. He requested parents not to make the achievements of their child a matter of social prestige

PM Modi to students: ‘Be warriors, not worriers’In an interactive session he spoke about the importance of staying happy and taking tests without stress.  Before he took questions from the students, he said “It was his exam today”, and thanked his teachers for whom he is still a student. “They inspired me to keep the student alive in me,” PM Narendra Modi […]

NGO submits patient centric health budget to state govt

An NGO working for the patient rights has put forward the health budget for the common people. Last year, for the Public Health Department, only 27% was spent on the medicines. So, in comparison to last year, the state government should make a provision of Rs 728 crores in the budget by making an additional provision of 256 crores for this year, said Jan Arogya Abhiyaan

NGO submits patient centric health budget to state govtAccording to Jan Arogya Abhiyaan officials, patients are suffering as only 56% of the funds for health care were spent. •In the budget of 471 crores for medicines, only 27% has been spent till January 2018. So, the funds allocated should be used appropriately. •In comparison to Maharashtra, the central government is spending Rs 1,537 […]

Doc to organise a ‘cancer survivor meet’

Cancer can bog down the patients. So, to help the patients overcome it and lead an optimistic life, Dr Avinash Saoji, is the founder and director of Prayas, an NGO based in Amravati, Maharashtra has come forward. Owing to which, a state level ‘Cancer Survivor Meet’ will be organised at Amravati in the last week of March

Doc to organise a ‘cancer survivor meet’For which, Dr Avinash Saoji visited the Tata Cancer Hospital, V-Care Cancer Foundation, CANKIDS, Indian Cancer Society in Mumbai and met the faculties and discussed about their working. Dr Saoji is taking efforts to organise a state level ‘Cancer Survivor Meet’ in the last week of March. Speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr Avinash Saoji […]

WCNR 2018: ‘India needs deeper thinking for patients to be treated better’

One of most talked about points of the discussion is the palliative care. At the WCNR 2018 conference being held at the Renaissance Convention Centre, Powai, an interesting survey regarding the state of patients in palliative care, in India was released. It clearly seemed like there is a lot more to be done in that front for the country. Also, Dr Nirmal Surya was felicitated for his contribution as the president of WCNR 2018 from instituto S.Anna in Crotone (Italy) in the memory of Prof, Giuliano Dolce

WCNR 2018: ‘India needs deeper thinking for patients to be treated better’The survey on Patients with Disorders of consciousness in India was done in partnership with Dr Nirmal Surya, President of Developing world Congress for Neurorehabilitation and founder of Epilepsy Foundation, Mumbai. About the survey:  This was the first survey on doctors and patients done in the country This was a pilot study The data needs further […]

WCNR 2018: Highlights of clinical trials design workshop

Clinical trials design workshop at WCNR 2018, included 4 international trialists: Professors Steven Cramer (USA), Janice Eng (Canada), Gert Kwakkel (The Netherlands) and Julie Bernhardt (Australia). The presenters covered a range of issues in clinical trial design, recent progress in establishing standards for stroke recovery research and described several design approaches. All the speakers emphasised that rehabilitation is a young field and we have a long way to go - but greater international cooperation is now happening and we have exciting times ahead

WCNR 2018: Highlights of clinical trials design workshopProf Cramer focused on the importance of getting our entry criteria and stratification right in trials – to reduce variance and to provide us with the greatest potential to find an effect when one actually exists. The importance of getting the right patients into trials was emphasised, one of our challenges in the field as […]
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