Osteoporosis: Risk in young mothers

While we are all aware that osteoporosis is most common in older people, there has been a considerable rise in the number of younger people being affected by it, including premenopausal women in their 20s, 30s and 40s. The term ‘premenopausal’ refers to women who are still having regular menstrual periods and have not yet reached menopause, says Dr AbhijitKale, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, S.L Raheja Hospital - A Fortis Associate Hospital

Osteoporosis: Risk in young mothersOsteoporosis is bone loss that is serious enough to result in fragile bones, increasing the risk of fracture by multifold. Younger women who tend to restrict what they eat in order to lose weight are at a higher risk of Osteoporosis and fractures. This also includes young mothers, since the baby growing in its mother’s […]

6 easy ways to keep urinary tract infection at bay

Chances of women getting a urinary tract infection are fairly high. Some experts rank a woman’s lifetime risk of suffering from this as high as 1 in 2, with number of women having repeat infections that last longer

6 easy ways to keep urinary tract infection at bayA urinary tract infection (UTI) is an infection that affects part of the urinary tract. Most UTIs are ascending infections of bacteria that colonise the vaginal wall and eventually, the urethra. From the urethra, the bacteria can travel upwards and infect the bladder (lower tract infection) or continue from the bladder up the ureters and […]

Crackers over 85 decibels can lead to hearing loss

Generally, crackers with more than 85 decibels (dB) can lead to hearing loss. If our ear is exposed to loudness level exceeding 80 dB over more than 8 hours continuously, it can lead to a temporary threshold shift. However, even one time exposure to sound exceeding 100 dB can lead to a permanent damage to the auditory system

Crackers over 85 decibels can lead to hearing lossIt’s time for celebrating Diwali with beautiful lights and crackers around. It will be helpful to know more about the adverse effects of crackers on the ears during this Diwali. It is important to know this, because our ears are too sensitive to loud sound exposure. The hair cells in the inner ear tend to […]

This Diwali, dazzle with these useful skin and hair care tips

The festival of Diwali is an occasion that is close to the heart to millions of Indians. People start preparing for the celebrations weeks in advance, but as the day approaches, one should bear in mind a few important points to enjoy the festivities at their best. Dr Sharmila Patil, Consultant Skin Specialist, Fortis Hospital, Mulund talks about the various steps one could take in order to keep their skin and hair in good condition during this festival season

This Diwali, dazzle with these useful skin and hair care tipsWhile you slave over getting your house, your clothes and your sweets ready, don’t forget to spenda little time making yourself look good. The anticipation of a wonderful festival will bring a glow from within, but you also need to work on the outside. Dr Sharmila Patil, Consultant Skin Specialist, Fortis Hospital, Mulund has put […]

Binge! Celebrate a guilt-free Diwali

Diwali, the festival of light is celebrated in India & all over the world with great vigor and joy.  It is one of the main festivals related to Indian culture. The main highlights of this festival are the lights, fireworks, and decorations, said Khyati Rupani, Founder and Head of Balance Nutrition

Binge! Celebrate a guilt-free DiwaliPopularly known as the festival of lights, Diwali brings immense joy. However, this happiness turns into guilt after having festive sweets and savouries mindlessly. “Our area of concern begins when the richly prepared sweets and dishes start appearing making it very difficult to keep weight in check during this season. We end up consuming extra calories […]

Best and worst foods for your thyroid health

The attention to food and nutrients to encourage proper functioning of the gland is often ignored. The nutrients that the thyroid gland needs are easily available in many food items. Ankita Ghag, clinical nutritionist, Co-founder and director, Vacchan Arogya lists out some food stuffs to consume and avoid, in order to boost the thyroid health

Best and worst foods for your thyroid healthYour thyroid is your body’s silent workhorse-most of the time; it functions so smoothly that we forget it’s there. But this little, butterfly-shaped gland that sits at the base of your neck helps regulate your metabolism, temperature, heartbeat, and more, and if it starts to go haywire, you’ll notice. Though the thyroid is small, it’s a major […]

Diwali: Special diet tips for diabetics

Diwali is a time when varieties of mithai, fried food is served and it becomes difficult for any individual especially a diabetic to take care of his/her diet. Food during Diwali is traditionally sweet. Sugar and ghee are present in many of the foods which means, they are often highly calorific and the sugar will raise blood glucose levels quickly. Diabetes is a lifestyle disease and it is very important to take care of the dietary intake to maintain good control

Diwali: Special diet tips for diabeticsThe results of a poor diet, sedentary lifestyle and long working hours have become worrisome. And diabetes, which is known as the silent killer, happens to be the most dangerous of them all, plaguing millions across the world. It not only puts people at the risk of obesity, heart disease and a stroke, but also triggers an […]

A TO Z guide for a safe Diwali

The Supreme Court has recently passed a directive to ban the sale of firecrackers in the National Capital to curb potential rise in pollution and health issues during Diwali. However, other cities and metros will continue to indulge in the festive celebrations with fireworks. Dr Sandeep Gore, Consultant and Head, Department of Accident and Emergency Medicine, Fortis Hospital, Mulund, tells you how to handle medical emergencies in a time of distress

A TO Z guide for a safe Diwali“With the festival of light drawing closer, emergency services are gearing up to tackle medical emergencies. Always have a first aid box handy while bursting crackers, this should consists of – Band-Aids, gauze pads, crêpe rolled bandages, adhesive tape, antiseptic wipes, antibiotic ointment, alcohol wipes or ethyl alcohol, thermometer, sanitizer and distilled water for cleaning […]

Why are millennials financially anxious?

The constant need to be competitive with their peers and have all the luxuries in life are often frustrating, stressful and hamper the mental health of a young adult. The millennials are optimistic in nature but often disregard the need to listen to older adults. Crippled by lifestyle needs, the generation is on an edge of a growing crisis

Why are millennials financially anxious?The millennials of today perceive themselves to know it all, to have it all; they appear confident, independent and strong willed. Their approach towards professional life is far more balanced and their goals to attain are greater than their predecessor, Gen X. With the world having moved into an era of the tech-savvy millennial, everything […]

Hormone supplement’s overdose could affect the body hazardously

In this age of fitness, Dr Altamash Shaikh a Consultant Endocrinologist, Diabetologist and Metabolic Physician, at S.L Raheja Hospital, speaks to My Medical Mantra about testosterone and hormone overdose amongst gym goers

Hormone supplement’s overdose could affect the body hazardouslyTestosterone is the primary hormone in the male body helps in increasing muscle mass and body strength, boosting libido, virility and decreasing the risk of illness. It is also a drug, used for treating delayed puberty (a medical condition) amongst adolescent males. Sport supplements are becoming highly popular amongst the gym goers, not only those […]
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