Medical insurance for infertility treatment: First step towards empathy

Dr Duru Shah, Director, Gynaecworld, Center for Assisted Reproduction and Women’s Health, shares how insurance policies can help the infertile couples to opt for affordable and safe treatment

Medical insurance for infertility treatment: First step towards empathyInfertility is fast becoming a huge concern in India. With 30 million infertile couples currently, by 2020, as many as 2, 50,000 IVF cycles will be performed in the country. Needless to say that the cost of infertility treatments, too, continues to rise, making it unaffordable to a large number of couples. There is a […]

Joint replacement surgeries: Why do senior citizens hesitate?

Senior knee and hip surgeon, Dr Kaushal Malhan who is attached to Fortis Hospital, Mulund, busts various myths of the elderly, who hesitate to opt for joint replacement surgery and believe in the various myths

Joint replacement surgeries: Why do senior citizens hesitate?The increase in life expectancy, over the years, has resulted in the rise of the population of the elderly. Age and pain go hand in hand, so does the risk of progressively painful health conditions. Today, senior citizens lead an active lifestyle. Some of them are compelled or otherwise even continue to earn a living […]

Alcohol abuse in young adults and its impact on heart

Dr Hasmukh Rawat, a Senior Interventional Cardiologist and HOD - Cardiology, Fortis Hospital, Mulund, shares how alcohol consumption can affect the health of the heart, and what problems it can cause

Alcohol abuse in young adults and its impact on heartWe all are aware of the fact that too much of anything can turn out to be bad for you. Today, young adults do not understand the importance of preventive health care and turn a deaf ear to the most advice given in this regard. For a majority of this group, socially recognised lifestyle habit […]

Here’s how diabetic patients can prevent UTI infections

A urinary tract infection is a bacterial infection that grows within the urinary tract anywhere from the kidneys, the ureters, the bladder and through to the urethra

Here’s how diabetic patients can prevent UTI infectionsWomen are 10 times more likely to get a UTI than men because of their anatomy. Signs and symptoms of urinary tract infection include – pain or burning when you urinate, strong-smelling urine, itching. There are other several causes to urinary tract infections improper hygiene can be the leading cause of urinary tract infections. Another […]

What is tennis elbow and how to treat it?

Tennis elbow is an inflammation of the tendons that join the forearm muscles on the outside of the elbow. ‘Tennis elbow’ is a common term for a condition caused by overuse of arm, forearm, and hand muscles those results in elbow pain

What is tennis elbow and how to treat it?Symptoms: The symptoms of tennis elbow develop gradually. In most cases, the pain begins as mild and slowly worsens over weeks and months. There may or may not be specific injury associated with the start of symptoms. Due to tennis elbow person may feel pain or burning on outer part of the elbow. The grip […]

Illuminations: The shadowy world of radiology

Dr Rajat Bhargava, HOD-Radiology, Fortis Hospital, Mulund, shares how radiology departments, in a hospital, is an important asset. He shares how radiologist plays an important role in detection of the disease and its cure

Illuminations: The shadowy world of radiologyIt was a routine day for me in my radiology department with several scans piled up. However, the flow got interrupted regularly with a stream of clinical colleagues, who came to see the scans of their patients. It was in the midst of this; one of my colleagues barged in and wondered if one of […]

All you need to know about cellulite

Dr Shuba Dharmana, a Dermatologist and Medical Director, Lejeune Med Spa, shares information about one of the most feared cosmetic problems - Cellulite

All you need to know about celluliteCellulite is one of the most feared cosmetic problems that women face today, and there is no easy solution to this. Cellulite is seen even in slim women, so it’s a myth that it is only related to fat. There are multiple factors which can cause cellulite, and fat is just one of them. Cellulite […]

Are elderly addicted to polypharmacy?

Dr Rekha Bhatkhande shares her views on polypharmacy (taking excessive medicines), and how it can be harmful to the elderly

Are elderly addicted to polypharmacy?Firstly, do no harm! Doctors must use the medicines correctly for co-existing diseases and avoid risks often associated with multiple medicine usages such as side effects, drug/ drug interactions, drug/ disease interactions, and inappropriate dosing. Using inappropriate medicine, and polypharmacy are extremely common among the elderly. What is polypharmacy? Is it necessary? Polypharmacy occurs when […]

#WorldPhysiotherapyDay: Physiotherapy treatment for heel pain

Heel pain can be caused by stress placed on the plantar fascia ligament when it is stretched irregularly, which causes small tears and inflammation. Stretching and strengthening exercises can help the ligament become more flexible and can strengthen muscles that support the arch, in turn reducing stress on the ligament

#WorldPhysiotherapyDay: Physiotherapy treatment for heel painHeel pain (Plantar fascitis) is very common nowadays Following are the causes for heel pain:  Lack of exercise Wrong footwear Excess weight Calcaneal spur Tightness in plantar fascia Deficiency of calcium/vitamin D/vitamin B12 Bad posture Symptoms Usually it pains more in the early morning after getting out of bed After long walks it starts hurting. […]

Most new mothers don’t take extra nutrition

Dr Alka Bharti, an executive nutritionist in Motherhood Hospital, Pune, shares how a new mother can take some extra care of themselves by taking care of their baby

Most new mothers don’t take extra nutritionA new mother, post-delivery, goes through many changes both physically and emotionally. Therefore, she needs to take care of herself by having a sufficient amount of nutrients that would rebuild her strength. However, their diet changes with changing lifestyle, which, directly or indirectly, effect on infant’s growth and nourishment. Almost 70% of new mothers give […]
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