Harmful effects of firecrackers on human health

The festival of lights of Diwali celebrated in the country comes with it the glittering glows of lamps, boxes of sweets, celebration of love and relationship mixed with a fair deal of loud noise of firecrackers used

Harmful effects of firecrackers on human healthThe word noise itself denotes an unpleasant sound. As we closely approach the celebration, it is the right time to have a look of the other side of the story, the health hazards of firecracker which has been a part and parcel of our celebration for ages. Firecrackers, to begin with most commonly used ones […]

Five tips to counter back pain this Diwali

Dr Sejal Mistry, a National Clinical Expert, QI Spine Clinic, shares five simple tips to reduce back pain this festive season

Five tips to counter back pain this DiwaliFestivals often bring about a change in our daily routine. In general, our diet, sleeping pattern, and schedule changes. It is also probably one of the busiest times of the year where all the holiday shopping, cooking, get-togethers happen, and we travel to see friends. Whether you are a chronic back pain patient or someone […]

What things can hamper your child’s emotional health?

Dr Kedar Tilwe, a Consultant Psychiatrist and Sexologist, Hiranandani Hospital, Vashi, shares what different things can affect the children emotionally and how to know them

What things can hamper your child’s emotional health?Children are the apple of their parent’s eyes and for many, their sense of pride and joy. From conception itself, the children serve as a means of completing their parent’s unfulfilled dreams and wishes. The parent-child bond the purest, strong and enduring connections between two people, which lasts a lifetime. Let’s take a look at […]

Understanding orthopaedic complications of cerebral palsy

Dr Rakesh Lalla, a Consultant Intervention Neurologist, Fortis Hospital Kalyan, and Dr Pramod Bhor, an orthopaedist and joint replacement surgeon, Hiranandani Hospital Vashi, share their insights on Cerebral Palsy and its affects the bones and motor functions of the body

Understanding orthopaedic complications of cerebral palsyCerebral palsy (CP) is a condition caused by a brain injury that takes place before, during or shortly after birth. Cerebral palsy affects muscle tone and control, which can result in involuntary movements or abnormal walking. The deformities are caused due to the increased muscle tone. The primary orthopaedic conditions most affected in cerebral palsy […]

Silent strokes: Symptoms and treatment

Dr Kaustubh Mahajan, a Neurologist, SL Raheja Hospital, Mahim, shares the symptoms and treatment for silent strokes

Silent strokes: Symptoms and treatmentA stroke, as per recent data, is the leading cause of disability and the third leading cause of death, especially, amongst the elderly in India. A stroke is an obstruction of blood supply to the brain due to a blocked blood vessel or a ruptured blood vessel. Sometimes, strokes can occur without the person even […]

World Stroke Day: All you need to know about strokes

Over the years, stroke has become the second leading cause of disability and death worldwide. However, stroke affects more individuals from resource-poor countries where essential services, including acute treatment, are scarce

World Stroke Day: All you need to know about strokesPrevention and rehabilitation The considerable burden of stroke is in the low and middle-income countries and is likely to increase unless we have large-scale interventions. The sudden onset weakness or loss of sensation of one half of body, slurring of speech, loss of vision, unsteadiness of gait or loss of consciousness may be the early […]

Know about rehabilitative care for breast cancer survivors

Dr Anil Heroor, Head-Surgical Oncology, Fortis Hospital, Mulund, and Dr Fabian Almeida, Consultant Psychiatrist, Fortis Hospital, Kalyan, share how breast cancer takes a toll on the patients and how to overcome them

Know about rehabilitative care for breast cancer survivorsBreast cancer is one of the most mentally and physically exhausting diseases some women endure. The post-treatment phase is one where the body goes through physical changes, resulting in weakening of body muscles and a decrease in bone strength. When it comes to the mental wellbeing, no one can anticipate the struggle this disease brings […]

Parents, junk food can damage your child’s immune system!

Junk food is a term used for food that has little or no nutritional value, and is loaded with fats, refined flour, sugars and sodium. Children who consume junk food often have no room for nutritious food and they develop constant craving for it. It can put your child at a risk of obesity and heart diseases, later in life. Keep the gastrointestinal tract healthy and inflammation at its lowest by limiting foods listed below:

Parents, junk food can damage your child’s immune system!  Junk and fried food Eating junk and processed food causes our immune system to respond with an inflammatory reaction, to provide protection to our tissues and cells. Chronic inflammation then hinders our ability to fight infections. Too much salt, sugar and fat cause’s harmful bacteria to grow in the digestive system thereby compromising your […]

Know about keto diet and whether you should opt for it

Prajakta Borse, a sports nutritionist and clinical dietician, shares whether one should or should not follow a keto diet

Know about keto diet and whether you should opt for itWith the increasing celebrity diets and several kinds of research, curiosity, and demand for ketogenic diet rank much higher. Being a nutrition expert, I insist people understand the diet before engaging in any such diet programs. Let’s see what ketosis is: It forces the body to utilise fats as an energy source, since; absence or […]

Know how your breasts change before and after pregnancy

Dr Veena Auranga Badwala, a Gynaecologist at Zen Multispecialty Hospital, Chembur, shares how essential is breastmilk for the newborn, and how women can take care of their breasts both pre and post-pregnancy

Know how your breasts change before and after pregnancyBreastfeeding is the most nutritious, natural, and least contaminated food that a new mother can provide to her newborn. It is a rich source of essential amino acids, fats, vitamins, minerals, and fluid, that is enough to sustain the newborn’s needs for the first six months of life. It provides the baby essential immunoglobulins which […]
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