Here’s how to identify and treat exercise addiction

Exercise addiction usually starts with a desire for physical fitness. An eating disorder, such as anorexia nervosa or bulimia, may lead to an unhealthy obsession with exercise. A body dysmorphic disorder, or body image disorder, may also cause exercise addiction

Here’s how to identify and treat exercise addictionAddiction to ‘drugs’ (or substances; a better scientific term) are known since ages. Not much surprisingly, certain behaviours can be addictive too, though the attention over them is a recent development. The increased usage of smartphones, the Internet, and online gaming is a real cause of concern by the end of 2017. And to add […]

Multi-vitamin supplements: Do you really need it?

One of the questions that we are all constantly asked by people is – are multi-vitamin supplements really good for us or are they just overrated?

Multi-vitamin supplements: Do you really need it?There is no right or wrong answer to this question, to be honest, so I decided to list out these common lifestyle reasons that shows us missing out on valuable nutrients: Many of us tend to overcook food, either by using too much oil or by reducing vegetables to a pulp, which is then over-seasoned […]

What is digital pathology? Here’s what you need to know

In essence, digital pathology extends the limits of microscopy, enabling students, educators, researchers, and clinicians to share tissue samples. Images sent or shared over the Internet or through specific analysis software open the path to a new and exciting microscopy tool ensuring optimal patient treatment

What is digital pathology? Here’s what you need to knowFrom simply remotely viewing patient slides, to consulting specialists real time within India and other parts of the world – the applications of digital pathology are endless. Until the advent of this technology, histological slides and photographs the primary ways images seen under a microscope lens could be shared with others. Digital pathology eliminates some […]

Periodic screening for ovarian cancer, a must for Indian women

Periodic screening for symptoms of any disease, cancer or otherwise, is the best approach for catching it early. Yet, this does not work very well for detecting ovarian cancer. The symptoms of ovarian cancer – bloating, difficulty in eating, feeling full and feeling the need to use the bathroom often – are generic enough to lead to a diagnosis of other health problems

Periodic screening for ovarian cancer, a must for Indian womenOvarian cancer is the fifth most lethal cancer seen in women in USA and UK. In India, however, it is the third most commonly seen cancer in women. The most worrisome part is that an increase in the incidence of ovarian cancer in India is noted in women younger than 60 years of age. While […]

Childhood depression: Do’s and don’ts for parents

Depression among children is difficult to diagnose. Children go through rapidly changing developmental phases in their age group and have successively changing psychological needs. The role of trauma, abuse and lack of parental care can all lead to the child developing depression in the long run

Childhood depression: Do’s and don’ts for parentsAre you worried that your child may be depressed? Most kids have days when they feel sad, lonely, or depressed. But, if your child seems persistently sad or hopeless and it is affecting relationships, he or she may suffer from childhood depression, a serious  that needs medical assessment and treatment Childhood depression is persistent sadness. […]

Here’s how to protect yourself from pneumonia this winter

Pneumonia can be life-threating especially to kids and people over 65yrs of age. Those people suffering from other chronic illness like lung disease, diabetes or immunocompromised condition are also susceptible as their immunity is considerably low

Here’s how to protect yourself from pneumonia this winterSeasonal changes bring with them various illnesses. Other than the usual cough and flu, viral infections breeze in with the onset of the winter. One of the infections caused by viruses is known to be Community Acquired Pneumonia (CAP). What is pneumonia? Pneumonia is an infection caused in one or both lungs, occurring due to […]

7 sexual fears that haunt men

Responding to such sexual fears with a mature self-understanding and cooperation of the partner is the first and the most important step, and often nothing more may be required. If however, the fears persist, help of a professional ‘sex and relationship counsellor’ may be needed

7 sexual fears that haunt menThey may brag about their conquests or boast about their virility, but there are so many common fears about their sex life that haunt their minds. 1) Fear of Impotence: ‘Anxiety about impotence’ ranks first in order of prevalence, in all the sexual fears that men bear. Ironically, the fear itself is the greatest cause […]

Tattoo gone wrong? Here’s how you can deal with it

For tattoo removals, the options range from skin grafting to laser treatments. Laser treatments need to be done at three week intervals, with about five to six sittings which are generally safe

Tattoo gone wrong? Here’s how you can deal with itNowadays there is an increasing trend to get piercings and tattoos which are done in various areas of the body. Perceiving a certain body image for oneself has become a new trend. It is common to get requests for piercing to be done of the belly-button (navel), nipples, tongue, ear rims, and even private parts […]

World Antibiotic Awareness Week: Do not self-medicate, warn doctors

It is important that the patients understand, that chemists are not allowed to dispense medications like antibiotics, pain relief medications, anxiolytics etc. without a doctor’s prescription. The reason is that chemists may have an understanding of the drug and its actions, but lack the clinical skills and lack understanding of the effects of a particular drug on the body

World Antibiotic Awareness Week: Do not self-medicate, warn doctorsWith the winter approaching, self-medication becomes a major concern for doctors. Often it is the friendly chemist, friend or patient themselves who suggest self-medicating based on the common symptoms. Needless to say it is completely inappropriate to take medications without a proper medical consultation. For one, most of the winter illness are mild illness, caused […]

Follow a healthy lifestyle to prevent diabetes

Today, the incidences of diabetes are increasing. It is attributed to our stressful lifestyles, lack of exercise, poor diet and sleep. Genetic predisposition also plays a role especially in those patients developing the disease at a younger age (<30 years) when both the parents are diabetics

Follow a healthy lifestyle to prevent diabetesGestational diabetes (occurring in last trimester of pregnancy) and type 1 diabetes (autoimmune or insulin dependent diabetes) are 2 separate entities forming a small portion of patients suffering from diabetes. Management Comprises of: Dietary modifications: Eat whole grains, fruits and vegetables and limited amount of fat and refined sugars. Eating the right portions, avoiding long […]
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