Ill-effects of alcohol nobody will tell you about

Questions on how alcohol leads to drunkenness, frequent bathroom breaks and infamous decisions, answered here

Ill-effects of alcohol nobody will tell you aboutThe end of a long year is quickly approaching, as many of us will grab our Champagne glasses and toast the New Year. Alcohol tends to be a part of celebrations for major life-cycle events, and inevitably the holidays, leading some of us to drink more than others. So, how does alcohol lead to drunkenness, […]

What is an insulin pen and how can it be used

Insulin pens are used by people with diabetes to inject insulin. The pens include an insulin cartridge, a dial to measure dosage, and a disposable needle. Insulin pens are growing in popularity. They allow insulin to be delivered in a more simple, accurate, and convenient way than the vial and syringe method

What is an insulin pen and how can it be usedTypes of insulin pen There are several different brands and models of insulin pen available. Most fall into two distinct categories: disposable and reusable. A disposable pen: this contains a prefilled insulin cartridge. Once used, the entire pen unit is thrown away. A reusable pen: this contains a replaceable insulin cartridge. Once empty, the cartridge […]

No is not just a statement, it is also a universal facial expression

Scientists have identified a universal facial expression that is interpreted across many cultures as the embodiment of negative emotion

No is not just a statement, it is also a universal facial expressionYou may not have noticed, but your face sets into a particular expression when someone says something with which you disagree; for example, when someone says, “Monday is the best day of the week,” or “Beyoncé isn’t the greatest performer of this generation.” Well, new scientific research may help validate the combination of disgust, anger, […]

Scientist create ‘pen’ to help detect cancer within 10 seconds

 The MasSpec Pen works by releasing a tiny droplet of water onto the target tissue, absorbing the chemicals inside of the cells. This droplet is then analysed by an instrument called a mass spectrometer, which can analyse thousands of molecules, and quickly deliver the results to doctors on a computer screen

Scientist create ‘pen’ to help detect cancer within 10 secondsThe device is capable of identifying cancerous cells 150 times faster than conventional technologies and was 96 per cent accurate in tests. Researchers from the University of Texas say that the MasSpec Pen can help surgeons identify which tissue should be removed and which should be preserved, to help patients’ recover. Dr Livia Schiavinato Eberlin, […]

A good night’s sleep restores focus and clarity

Are you tired of struggling with fuzzy thinking and a faltering memory? Tired may be the key word. "Poor sleep has an adverse impact on thinking," says sleep expert Dr. Lawrence Epstein, an instructor in medicine at Harvard Medical School. "This is true whether it's due to a lack of sleep or a sleep disorder"

A good night’s sleep restores focus and clarityWhen people don’t get enough sleep, their attention and concentration abilities decline. Their reaction time lengthens, they’re inattentive, and they don’t respond as well to environmental signals. That means they can’t take in new information or react to dangerous situations. This is particularly worrisome if you’re behind the wheel of a car. “For example, going […]

Is microwaving food in plastic dangerous?

When food is wrapped in plastic or placed in a plastic container and microwaved, chemicals in plastic such as bisphenol-A and phthalates may leak into the food. Any migration is likely to be greater with fatty foods such as meats and cheeses than with other foods

Is microwaving food in plastic dangerous?To clear the air on the misinformation that people generally have about plastic containers: The previous studies warned that microwaving plastic released cancer-causing chemicals called dioxins into food. What is wrong with this theory is that plastics don’t contain dioxins. They are formed only when garbage, plastics, metals, wood, and other materials are burned. If […]

Here’s how you can be 50 and still look like your just 20

A good attitude and graceful acceptance of the inevitable changes can go a long way to making you both feel and look younger. You can’t do anything to alter your genetics, but you can look to your relatives for an idea of what your aging trajectory might be

Here’s how you can be 50 and still look like your just 20If you’ve spent any time on the internet, you’re likely aware that a lot of fake content lives there. From fabricated news stories to photo-shopped UFOs, the internet is a rich source of bogus material. Perhaps that’s why it’s no surprise the stories of a 50-year-old man and woman who look like they’re in their […]

Health benefits of cycling

Whether it's to boost your fitness, health or bank balance, or as an environmental choice, taking up bicycle riding could be one of the best decisions you ever make

Health benefits of cyclingPeople who routinely commute via bike or cycle for pleasure have a slightly lower risk of heart disease than nonbikers, two new studies suggest. One study, in the Nov. 1, 2016, Circulation, tracked about 45,000 Danish adults (ages 50 to 65) who biked regularly, either to commute to work or for recreation. Over a 20-year follow-up, […]

Marriage can lower your risk of heart attack, says study

Recently, several studies have looked at the effects of married life on an individual's health. The findings are often encouraging, suggesting that the closeness of married partners can have an important and beneficial psychosocial influence

Marriage can lower your risk of heart attack, says studyA new study suggests that individuals who have experienced a heart attack, or who are at an increased risk of heart disease, have a better likelihood of survival if they are married. This, researchers say, could be due to the availability of a close support network. Likewise, a study presented last weekend at the European Society of Cardiology […]

Science experiment shows the amazing powers of breast milk

A first-year biosciences student’s experiment shows that breast milk's antimicrobial properties may persist beyond age many end breastfeeding

Science experiment shows the amazing powers of breast milkA viral photo of a science project showcases the healing power of breast milk, and it makes a compelling case for breastfeeding well beyond a baby’s first birthday. Vicky Greene, a first-year biosciences student at South Devon College in the U.K., put breast milk from the mother of a 15-month-old and a 3-year-old in Petri […]