Casual approach of patient puts herself, child’s life in danger

A rare case where a patient’s casual attitude, puts her and her child's life in danger the doctors manage to save them both

Casual approach of patient puts herself, child's life in danger
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A nine-month pregnant woman, Manisha Rathod, with the history of two C-section deliveries, came to consult the doctor. She was also the patient of hepatitis-B with Rh-negative (a rare blood group).

In spite of this, she took it casually and did not inform the doctor about the pain in the abdomen. It was only when the nurse pointed out about her delivery related abdominal pain while sitting in the OPD, the doctor diagnosed that it was an emergency.

She was then rushed to a tertiary hospital in Pune, where doctors performed an emergency C-Section on her, and delivered a baby boy.

Dr Meenakshi Deshpande, a gynaecologist and Secretary of Indian Medical Association (IMA), Pune, who treated her, said, “When I checked her in my OPD, she did not inform about the pain. However, later the nurse informed me that she was having labour pain when she was sitting outside in the OPD. When I checked and inquired more with the patient, I came to know that she suffered such pain for the entire night, and then she came to the hospital in the morning.”

Doctors informed that in such patients, there is a need to check the patient’s liver function before taking them for deliveries. “Considering that she was high-risk patient, as she was Hepatitis B, Rh Negative, and had undergone of C – sections twice, we had to be ready with some of our pre-operative preparations. Many times patients take their pain casually, and it lands the doctor in trouble.”

The baby was born on January 04. Doctors say that if there was more delay, there was a possibility of rupturing of the uterus, and the baby getting suffocated when inside the uterus. It could have been risky for the mother’s life as well.

Manisha, the 25-year-old, said, “I did not understand that it was labour pain, I thought it was having hip pain, and so I did not inform to doctor. It was only because of the doctor, who, in the emergency, took all the efforts to save me, that my child and I live. I have learned a lesson about the life: if you have any pain, you should not hide it from your doctor.” Both the baby and mother are doing fine.


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